Board of Directors


Steve Hatajlo
President, Dawson Foundation
President & CEO, Faxinating Solutions Inc.
Dawson Class of 1981, Computer Science

“I began my career as a as COBOL programmer at the Mercantile Bank of Canada in 1979. While working there, I earned a data processing diploma from Dawson College. I have worked in many capacities, from developer to project manager. My focus has been on helping organizations to develop and deliver creative and valuable applications, ranging from Foreign Exchange to MRP. In 1990, I founded Faxinating Solutions. I have led the development of multiple e-commerce solutions, which provide our clients with alternatives to eliminate costly manual and paper-based processes. I am an active member of the Dawson College Board of Governors, a board member of the West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped (WIAIH) and an active member of the New England Electronic Commerce Users Group (NEECOM).”


Domenic Di Franco
Vice-President, Dawson Foundation
District Vice President, TD Bank
Dawson Class of 1985, Commerce

“Since joining TD in 1994, I have worked in numerous areas of business banking in Montreal and in Toronto. As a graduate of Dawson College, I am excited to be working with a group of committed individuals to bring the Foundation to the next level of its development. I am motivated by the belief that our work will greatly benefit our current and future students.”


Bruno Valenčak
Treasurer, Dawson Foundation
Partner, Berger Chartered Professional Accountants Corporation Inc.
Dawson Class of 1975, Business Administration


Chris Adam
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Coordinator, Sustainability Office, Dawson College

“My first 30 years at Dawson were spent as a teacher in the Community Recreation and Leadership Training (CRLT) Program. I have always been in love with nature and have dedicated a great part of my life to engaging students, educators and communities in building a more sustainable world and working for well-being for all. Our Sustainability team is focused on sharing our Living Campus platform and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. We only have a short amount of time for decisive action to slow down climate change. I believe we can be more effective in this work with the mobilization of partners in the greater community. The Dawson Foundation is a way to amplify and multiply the good work being done at Dawson and attract more people to advance these important projects.”


Diane Gauvin
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Director General, Dawson College

William Honce_photo

William Honce
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Senior Relationship Manager, Burgundy Asset Management
Dawson Class of 2010, Social Science – International Business Studies

Jennifer Horvath_photo

Jennifer Horvath
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Co-founder and Managing Partner, MaverikX


Élaine Lalonde, MA, CFRE
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Senior Consultant, Global Philanthropic Canada

“As the proud parent of a recent Dawson graduate (who loved her program at the College), I am thrilled to join the Dawson Foundation. Throughout my career as a fundraising professional, I have developed expertise in capital campaigns, management of foundations, governance of not-for-profits, and special fundraising events. I am proud to assist the Dawson Foundation in increasing its revenues to assist Dawson and its staff and students in their educational journey.”

Chris Martin_photo

Chris Martin
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Senior Consultant, Global Philanthropic
Dawson Class of 2012, Social Science/Psychology


Steve Merling
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Chief Events Officer (C.E.O.), The Eventure Group
Dawson Class of 2001, Creative Arts

“I spent some of my most formative years at Dawson College. Today, as CEO of The Eventure Group, one of Canada’s leading event production agencies, I have taken much of what I learned as a Creative Arts and Communications student at Dawson, and have applied it to my day-to-day business life. I look forward to being able to continue to promote Dawson’s growth and continuity through my involvement on its Foundation’s board.”

Jesse Mosebye_photo

Jesse Mosebye
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Vice President, Institutional Sales, Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group
Dawson Class of 2006, Pure & Applied Science

Josie Pizzuco_photo

Josie Pizzuco
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Major Gifts Advisor for Quebec and Eastern Canada, World Vision Canada
Dawson Class of 1983, Business Administration


Billi-Jo Poirier
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Recreation Technician, Campus Life and Leadership, Dawson College
Dawson Class of 1992, CRLT

“I came to do a DEC in the Campus Recreation and Leadership Training Program in 1988 and I’m still here! As a technician on the Campus Life and Leadership team, I work closely with our students. These young women and men give me hope and motivate my commitment to Dawson College every day.”


Sean Smith, Eng.
Board Member, Dawson Foundation
Technology Entrepreneur, VOZWIN, Inc.
Dawson Class of 2001, Pure and Applied Science

“I am a proud Montrealer and Dawson College alumnus. My professional life is focused on helping people, businesses and organizations reach their full potential. I do this by creating technologies that amplify human abilities. I am dedicating my time to the Dawson Foundation because I believe that education gives us knowledge that helps us transform our world into a better place.”

Benjamin-Taylor Sauvé
Board Member, Student Representative

Ian Wong
Board Secretary

Last Modified: October 10, 2023