The Dawson College Foundation is committed to:

Student Success and Perseverance 

Dawson students who require additional help benefit from an array of financial aid and learning centres. The need to support students with real-life expenses beyond tuition during their times of need is always present. Awards and scholarships recognize excellence and scholarly perseverance.  Moreover, student success and perseverance are linked with the capacity for Dawson College to offer a learning environment to students through extra-curricular projects that are complementing and enriching the regular academic pathways provided through our programs of study and student life activities.

 Well-Being for All & Sustainability

Dawson’s leadership in sustainability and in promoting well-being for all stems largely from student-led projects and innovation. Supporting these projects at Dawson gives our donors a chance to make lasting change by equipping our students to make a better world for everyone, sustainably. Our Living Campus provides opportunities to contribute to a healthy environment and a peaceful world. The College’s commitment to be Carbon Neutral Forever is just one example of the work being done to advance sustainability.

Innovation and Excellence

Traditional ways of accessing knowledge and developing 21st century skills are profoundly shifting. Dawson is challenged to develop transformative experiences that expose students to new advances in technology and the arts. This includes favouring the use of bold new installations and fostering the development of innovative pedagogical approaches and interactive applications such as Artificial Intelligence-related technologies.

Artists in Bloom 

Last Modified: January 26, 2023