Awards and Scholarships

Dawson College students work hard in order to accomplish great things in every field and discipline. It is through our Awards and Scholarships program that we are able to recognize the achievements of our students. Awards and scholarships are offered through Dawson College and external organizations to students in different disciplines and with different talents.

In-Course Awards

In-Course Awards and Scholarships are offered both by the College and by external organizations for which a committee conducts the initial screening. In course awards and scholarships are offered to students in various programs and fields and some are specific to certain areas of study.

Graduation Awards

Graduation awards and scholarships are presented to graduating students at convocation. Graduation awards and scholarships are based on merit and cover a wide range of disciplines and programs.

External Awards

A variety of external organizations such as foundations, non-profit organizations, companies, and banks offer scholarships, awards, bursaries, and special programs.

Last Modified: August 29, 2019