Supporting our Students

The Foundation has identified three critical areas for student support.

Students in Need

The Students in Need Program, an endeavour of Dawson’s Financial Aid Office in Student Services, aims to provide students with the tools they need to overcome financial barriers to their educations. The fund provides students with the money they need for transportation, food, books and even emergencies. The Dawson College Foundation aims to assist the Students in Need Program with its expansion in order to offer full support to the Dawson students who need it most.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships recognize our students for academic excellence. Until recently, the Awards and Scholarships program at Dawson College enjoyed a partnership with a corporate sponsor. The Foundation aims to secure other sources of funding to assure the viability of the program.

Student Life

An enhanced student life comes in the form of extracurricular activities that engage both the body and the mind, such as inter-collegiate sports and academic competitions as well as clubs and groups that serve both the school and the community. The Dawson College Foundation works to ensure that access to para-academic initiatives and activities remain available to students.

Last Modified: September 13, 2016