Enhance your Learning

At Dawson, learning does not just happen within your program or inside a classroom. There are many opportunities to expand your ideas and develop your skills. You can publish your research article in a journal, learn to code or volunteer to promote sustainability on campus.



In addition to choosing a program of study, you can also enroll in a certificate. By completing courses in a thematic area during your time at Dawson (such as Peace Studies or Women’s/Gender Studies), you can learn more about subjects that interest you. 




Learning communities offer you the opportunity to complete courses which emphasize small-group learning, connections between theory and practice, collaboration with other students and teachers, as well as engagement and participation.




Dawson is committed to living, teaching and promoting sustainability. Our campus is carbon-neutral, public-transit-friendly and has rooftop gardens.




SPACE is a student enrichment initiative that nurtures exploration, discussion, and collaboration beyond the classroom and across the disciplines. SPACE facilitates individual and group projects, and hosts a web magazine, exhibitions and special live events.


Last Modified: September 15, 2022