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Top 10 reasons to think about Career Programs

  1. So much to choose from among the 22 technical programs for every skill set, career aspiration or personal interest.
  2. Learn from the experts: most teachers have years of experience in their field.
  3. Super hands-on training: Get out of the classroom and use leading edge equipment in labs and specialized environments, and learn new techniques in studios, through fieldwork and internships.
  4. Make friends for life: small class sizes give you a significant amount of attention from teachers and create close ties between students.
  5. Teachers are in a position to provide more one-on-one feedback and advice.
  6. Lots of networking/mentorship opportunities with professionals including program graduates.
  7. Learn how every profession now looks to sustainable solutions.
  8. Start your career right after graduation: 74% of career program graduates find work in their field within a year of graduation.
  9. Continue studies at university (in some cases with advanced standing, while some may need additional pre-requisites).
  10. Work and study part-time at university.


On Wednesday, February 9 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. chat with career program representatives. They’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Last Modified: January 27, 2022