3 Year Programs

Technical programs give you the skills and practise necessary to enter the workforce directly or to pursue university studies in a related field. They often include internships or work placements, giving you hands-on experience.

Spotlight Programs

Community, Recreation and Leadership Training

Join one of the most dynamic programs on campus! Upon graduation, you could enjoy a career promoting well-being for all through positive recreation and community development activities.

Industrial Design

The Industrial Design Program focuses on design development, sketching and 3D modelling. As a student, you will produce technical drawings of design concepts followed by the building of actual models of consumer products.

Laboratory Technology (Analytical Chemistry)

The Laboratory Technology (Analytical Chemistry) Program will prepare you to work in fields such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, environmental testing, oil testing, quality control, government and teaching labs among others. You will study in an engaging laboratory environment with teachers who can deliver one-on-one instruction. You will participate in internships as part of the program. You may...

Professional Theatre (Acting)

As a student in the Professional Theatre (Acting) Program, you will be trained to work as a professional actor. Working in dedicated rehearsal spaces and performing in a modern theatre, you will be prepared for performance both before the camera as well as on stage. The skills acquired in the Professional Theatre (Acting) Program will...

Professional Photography

The Professional Photography Program will provide you with comprehensive experience in all aspects of image making. From photo editing and management to lighting and studio work, students in the program learn the techniques and strategies of a professional photographer. In addition to the technical skills, you will learn how to manage the business aspects of...

  • 74% of Dawson technical program graduates found work in their field of study within a year of graduating.
    Source: Government of Quebec, Relance Database, 2018

  • Going to university after a technical program is possible! Many of our graduates decide to pursue further studies in a related field.

Mixing theoretical understanding and practical training, my program gave me the confidence and abilities to succeed in my profession. -Jasmine R.