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Vanessa Eve Robillard
Office: 4H.1-5
  Local: 4823

Learn how to help individuals, groups and communities lead healthier, more productive lives

Social Service is a three-year program that prepares you for a career in human services or for further studies in social work at the university level. Social Service students are trained to work with individuals of all ages and with families, groups, and communities experiencing social problems.

These problems, linked to living conditions and social inequality, often involve poverty, unemployment, family and spousal violence, adjustment difficulties, loss of autonomy, isolation, suicide and substance abuse. Social service workers help these individuals, families and communities to meet their needs adequately, to defend their rights and to promote social change. Social service is not the same as social work for which you must attain a university degree (BSW).

What you will learn

Throughout your three years of study, you will participate in training internships that will allow you to apply your skills in the field. Among the skills you will acquire in the program are:

  • forming a helping relationship
  • conducting an interview
  • facilitating groups
  • carrying out psycho-social interventions with individuals or families
  • carrying out interventions with people in crisis



University Pathways

Griffith/Social Service/Bachelor of Human Services, Logan & Gold Coast

  • University: Griffith
  • Program: Social Service
  • Degree: Bachelor of Human Services, Logan & Gold Coast
  • Details:

    160/240 transfer credits, with a completion time of 2 semesters at Griffith​

Laurentian/Social Service/Bachelor of Social Work

  • University: Laurentian
  • Program: Social Service
  • Degree: Bachelor of Social Work
  • Contract expiry: 21-04-2020
  • Details:

    Social Service grads entering Laurentian's BSW to be granted 30 transfer credits (1 year)



Career Opportunities

Social service workers work in agencies maintained by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, such as health and social service centres (CSSSs), residential care and long-term facilities, rehabilitation centres, youth protection agencies,  and some hospitals.They also work for the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la solidarité and for various school boards. As well, social service workers are often employed by community organizations such as youth centres, community centres, shelters, senior centres, advocacy groups and popular education groups.

Last Modified: June 8, 2016