Admission Requirements

Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES), including:

  • Secondary V Language of Instruction
  • Secondary V Second Language
  • Secondary IV Science
  • Secondary IV Mathematics
  • Secondary IV History

or academic background judged equivalent to the DES.

(Students with a DES missing any of the above subjects may be admitted, space permitting, but may be required to complete remedial courses.)

Portfolio requirements

The portfolio should include an assortment of original artworks realized in high school art courses, art centres or through personal experimentation. Sculptural work, large paintings and media work can be presented in digital format (USB key or other) or in printed colour copies. Portfolios are submitted in person only once the applicant is invited for an interview.

The portfolio should include 10 to 15 artworks in at least two different media, such as:

      • Larger drawings from observation and imagination
      • Paintings (figurative and abstract)
      • Traditional or digital prints
      • Collage work
      • Sculpture and ceramics
      • Media based artwork

The sketchbook should include a variety of sketches that visually explore ideas and/or depict forms from reality or from imagination. Visual journals are also welcomed.


For general, non-program specific requirements, please consult the Admission Requirements page.

Application Deadline

  • March 1 (for Fall semester)

The program begins in the Fall semester; new students are not admitted into the program in the Winter term.

Last Modified: January 29, 2018