Program Policies

Academic Standing and Advancement Policy

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally, students must meet the requirements of the College Academic Standing and Advancement Policy, as well as the program requirements.

College Policy

Academic Standing

Please refer to Bylaw 8: Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success in English or French.

Visual Arts Program Policy

Specific Education (concentration) disciplines in the Visual Arts Program include: Visual Arts (510), Art History (520), and Photography (570).

Academic Standing

  1. Students must not fail more than two Specific Education (concentration) courses in one semester.
  2. Students must not fail a Specific Education (concentration) course in more than one semester.
  3. Students must complete the program within a maximum of three years of commencement.

Students who do not satisfy the criteria of this Academic Standing Policy will be expelled from the Program and the College. The expelled student has the right to appeal the expulsion to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.


  1. Students must have passed more than 50% of the General Education courses (including at least one English) required in their first year.
  2. Students must have passed a minimum of 9 (nine) General Education courses required by the Program, in order to proceed to their 4th term.
  3. Students must pass all Specific Education (concentration) courses in a term before advancing to the following term.

Students in program who are prevented from advancing in their Specific Education courses may continue taking General Education courses and must either:

  1. Submit an “Intent to Continue in Current Program” form to the Registrar’s Office by March 1 or November 1, as appropriate, in order to resume taking Specific Education courses in the following semester.
  2. Submit an online Program Transfer request by March 1 or November 1, as appropriate, in order to enroll in a different program.

Students not taking any courses in a semester must reapply to the College by the application deadline in order to be part of a program of study.

Exceptional Circumstances

In extenuating circumstances, the Program Coordinator may recommend an exception to the Program Academic Standing and Advancement Policy to the Program Dean for approval. This recommendation must be accompanied by a revised Progression Chart.

Professional Conduct

The Visual Arts Program is a pre-university program of study. Self-motivation and self-discipline will be the determining attributes of the successful student in the Visual Arts Program, and will lay the groundwork for university studies and later professional life. Students in the Visual Arts Program are expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity and honesty. They must display consistent courtesy and cooperative behaviour toward faculty, staff and fellow students. Students must be respectful of College property and appropriate conduct must be displayed in all activities associated with the program. Students who exhibit inappropriate behaviour may be removed from the program.

Some examples of inappropriate behaviour may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Display of behaviour detrimental to the learning or work environment (e.g., rudeness, interference with other students’ learning, violent or threatening behaviours, impaired performance, etc.)
  • Refusal to follow instructions given by faculty or staff regarding the safe use of equipment and facilities
  • Unethical practices, unauthorized copying of images for use as reference materials, destruction of other students’ work
  • Unauthorized or inappropriate use of studio facilities and equipment
  • Disregard for public and private property
  • Disregard for the right to privacy of individuals

The procedure for removing students from the program on the basis of professional conduct will be applied in accordance with the College’s Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP).

Students expelled from the program under the Professional Conduct portion of the Academic Standing and Advancement Policy may appeal to the Academic Dean.

Last Modified: July 12, 2023