Courses Offered – Winter 2020

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Research Methods300300DW3Beauchamp, Mark
Research Methods300300DW5Lander, Benjamin
Indigenous Resistance300308DW29Lander, Benjamin
Social Problems, Social Solutions300308DW32Di Marzo, Lisa
Social Problems, Social Solutions300308DW39Cadieux, Jonathan
Western Civilization330101DW2Caux, Rachèle
Western Civilization330101DW6Caux, Rachèle
Western Civilization330101DW15Peters, Gesche
Western Civilization330101DW20Johnson, Julie
Western Civilization330101DW21Peters, Gesche
Crime and Injustices in Canada330201DW1Braithwaite, Catherine
Crime and Society330201DW2Caux, Rachèle
Crime and Society330201DW3Caux, Rachèle
Post-Classical History330270DW1Peters, Gesche
The Family330325DW1Rebelo, Nancy
Art and Ideas: 1850-1950330325DW2Johnson, Julie
The Family330325DW3Rebelo, Nancy
Apologies and Reparations330401DW1Beauchamp, Mark
Blood and Bile: A History of 19th and 20th Century Medicine330401DW2Braithwaite, Catherine
Philosophy: Thinking for Ourselves340303DW1Lim, Jessica
Why Art Matters340914DW1Stephens, Robert
Why Art Matters340BWA031Stephens, Robert
History and Myth of Ancient Greece345101MQ7Thorpe, Anne
Diversity in Women's Movements345102MQ1Lalonde, Gloria
Diversity in Women's Movements345102MQ2Lalonde, Gloria
Cultural Identity and Cultural Rights345102MQ16Choksi, Anjali
Justice345102MQ24Law, Alexandra
World Views345102MQ28Johnston, Isabelle
World Views345102MQ29Johnston, Isabelle
Violence and Non-violence345102MQ12001Simard, Kim
World Views with New School345102MQ14001Polakoff, Gregory
Unmapped: Encountering the Other345102MQ18002Million, Rebecca
Thinking Through Rights345BXHDW17Heywood, Mari
Thinking Through Rights345BXHDW18Heywood, Mari
Moral Issues in Law (Liberal Arts)345BXHDW32Law, Alexandra
How Can That Be Legal?345BXHDW33Law, Alexandra
How Can That Be Legal?345BXHDW34Law, Alexandra
Ethical Issues345BXHDW41Johnston, Isabelle
General Psychology350101DW3Hamdani, Selma
General Psychology350101DW9Hamdani, Selma
Developmental Psychology350201DW2Chambers, Jessica
Developmental Psychology350201DW3Chambers, Jessica
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW1Legault, Anick
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW2Cox, Sylvia
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW3Hall, Erin
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW4Hall, Erin
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW5Ohayon, Jonathan
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW6Ohayon, Jonathan
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW7Cox, Sylvia
Social Psychology350323DW1Legault, Anick
Imaging Violence and Non-violence365BXPDW12001Simard, Kim
Introduction to World Religions370102DW2Zylberberg, Sonia
Witches, Saints, Gurus and Mystics370318DW1Miceli, Calogero
Cults and Culture370917DW1Kepka, Natalie
Cults and Culture370917DW2Rabbat, Johanne
Introduction to World Religions370BWS032Zylberberg, Sonia
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW1De Aguayo, Anna
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW2De Aguayo, Anna
Anthropology of Food381313DW1De Aguayo, Anna
The Body381401DW1De Aguayo, Anna
Introduction to Politics385101DW3Fournier-Simard, Michel
Introduction to Politics385101DW4Fournier-Simard, Michel
Introduction to Politics385101DW6Fournier-Simard, Michel
Canadian Democracy385306DW1Martin, Cynthia J.
Global Politics385311DW1Martin, Cynthia J.
Individual and Society387101DW3Aunio, Anna-Liisa
Sexuality and Society387314DW1Beer, Sarah
Sexuality and Society387314DW2Phipps, Kelly
Sexuality and Society387314DW3Phipps, Kelly
Sociology of Food387401DW1Aunio, Anna-Liisa
Indigenous Resurgence387401DW2Shea, Laura
Fieldwork 1388211DW3Buccitelli, Andie
Decoding Visual Art520916DW1Feinberg, Pohanna
Visual Arts Since 1950520BWA032Doubt, Emma
Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Art520BWA033Feinberg, Pohanna
Visual Arts: Baroque to 20th Century520BWA034Baddeley, Gwen
Women Artists520BWA035Provost, Terry
Cinema and Media History530213DW1Gupta, Dipti
Cinema and Media History530213DW2Gupta, Dipti
Cinema and Media History530213DW3Barnett, Nancy
History of Film Production Techniques530292DW1Barnett, Nancy
History of Film Production Techniques530292DW2Barnett, Nancy
Film Theory530314DW2Simon, Cheryl
Media Lab530413DW1Ramlochand, Ramona
Storytelling Techniques in Animated Films530492DW1Barnett, Nancy
Storytelling Techniques in Animated Films530492DW2Barnett, Nancy
Integrating Activity (IA)530498DW3Ramlochand, Ramona
Scripting for Media530911DW1Rafla, Myriam
Video Basics530919DW4Levine, Reisa
Media and Society530926DW1Seronde, Sarah Del
Media and Society530926DW2Levine, Reisa
Animation530932DW1Gupta, Dipti
Film Styles530BWA031Simon, Cheryl
Film and Culture530BWA034Ramlochand, Ramona
Film and Culture530BWA036Gupta, Dipti
Regards sur la science et les techniques602BXJDW40Beaulne, Sonya
Regards sur les sciences humaines602BXKDW5Beaulne, Sonya
Regards sur les sciences humaines602BXKDW40Beaulne, Sonya
Les sciences humaines en français602BXUDW1Hachem, Ghayas
Les sciences humaines en français602BXUDW2Hachem, Ghayas
En marge des mots602BXYDW1Beaulne, Sonya
En marge des mots602BXYDW40Beaulne, Sonya
Modern and Contemporary Drama603102MQ3Rouse, Trevor
Shakespeare's Comedies603102MQ11Bergbusch, Matt
Shakespeare's Comedies603102MQ12Bergbusch, Matt
Modern and Contemporary Drama603102MQ15Rouse, Trevor
Creative Nonfiction603102MQ25Roberts, Lorne
Classical Myth and the Modern Imagination603102MQ26Thorpe, Anne
Classical Myth and the Modern Imagination603102MQ36Thorpe, Anne
Crime Fiction603102MQ43Runcie, Frank
Crime Fiction603102MQ44Runcie, Frank
Gender Issues in Drama603103MQ1Burgoyne, Sarah
Contemporary Women Writers603103MQ4Roberts, Lorne
Themes in Shakespeare603103MQ10Bergbusch, Matt
Family Dramas603103MQ17Grant, Alyson
Postcolonialism and Science Fiction603103MQ23Hartlen, Neil
Jane Austen and Her World603103MQ24Thatcher, Wendy
Language and Power603BXEDW7Hadley, Louisa Anne
Writing About Film603BXEDW19Hartlen, Neil
Writing About Film603BXEDW21Hartlen, Neil
Popular Culture: Jamaica603BXEDW29Runcie, Frank
Food for Thought: Farm to Table603BXEDW41Thatcher, Wendy
Food for Thought: Farm to Table603BXEDW42Thatcher, Wendy
Women and Anger603BXEDW44Slater, Louise
Women and Anger603BXEDW45Slater, Louise


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