Courses Offered

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Research Methods300300DW34Renauld, Martin
Western Civilization330101DW16Shea, Diane
Crime and Society330201DW3Caux, Rachèle
War, Revolution, National Liberation330214DW3Farkas, Maryann
Post-Classical History330270DW2Peters, Gesche
Class Abroad in Ireland (INTENSIVE)330325DW2Braithwaite, Catherine
Blood and Bile: 19th and 20th Century Medicine330401DW1Braithwaite, Catherine
History of Science and Technology330BWS031Peters, Gesche
Why Art Matters340914DW1Stephens, Robert
Women and War345101MQ5Romano, Patricia
Diversity in Women's Movements345102MQ28Lalonde, Gloria
How Can That Be Legal?345BXHDW45Law, Alexandra
Developmental Psychology350201DW1Legault, Anick
Human Sexual Behaviour350306DW5Legault, Anick
Imaging Violence and Non-Violence365BWPDW3Simard, Kim
Introduction to World Religions370102DW4Zylberberg, Sonia
Cults and Culture370917DW1Rabbat, Johanne
Introduction to Religion Studies370BWS034Zylberberg, Sonia
Sex, Gender and Religion370BXS031Zylberberg, Sonia
Indigenous America381305DW1De Aguayo, Anna
Global Politics385311DW1Martin, Cynthia J.
Sexuality and Society387314DW3Beer, Sarah
Indigenous Resurgence387401DW1Shea, Laura
Multicultural Montreal387903DW1Legassic, Cory
Addressing Social Problems 2388215DW2Dufour, Marie-Eve
Art Now520402DW1Beattie, Amanda
Decoding Visual Art520916DW1Nathanson-Frumkin, Beverly
Canadian Art in Context520917DW1Beattie, Amanda
Canadian Art in Context520BWA037Beattie, Amanda
Explorations in Cinema and Communications530113DW1Simard, Kim
Cinema Styles530916DW3Gupta, Dipti
Video Basics530919DW1Simard, Kim
Cinema and Communications: Selected Topics530925DW2Rafla, Myriam
Media and Society530926DW2Levine, Reisa
Film Styles530BWA032Wallace, Heather
Langue française et culture602102MQ4Ephrem El Boustani-Safi, Leila
Introduction à la littérature contemporaine602103MQ6Ephrem El Boustani-Safi, Leila
Regards sur les sciences humaines602BXKDW40Beaulne, Sonya
Le Romantisme602BXNDW2Chauveau, Inti
Les sciences humaines en français602BXUDW2Hachem, Ghayas
En marge des mots602BXYDW40Beaulne, Sonya
The Weird Tradition: Worldview, Aesthetics, Genre603102MQ18002Woofter, Kristopher
Jane Austen and Her World603103MQ28Thatcher, Wendy
The Victorians Now603914DW1Hadley, Louisa Anne
Literature and Creative Practice603915DW1Cockburn, Amanda
Dante and Cinematic Horror603BXEDW18001Woofter, Kristopher

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Last Modified: February 9, 2017