Courses Offered – Fall 2023

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Race, Ethnicity and Migration3001R1DW12002Gosselin, Marie-Pierre
Gender and Society3001R1DW12006Shea, Laura
Western Civilization330101DW1Shea, Diane
Western Civilization330101DW2Shea, Diane
Western Civilization330101DW3Beauchamp, Mark
Western Civilization330101DW4Beauchamp, Mark
Introduction to Global History3301N1DW1Lander, Benjamin
Introduction to Global History3301N1DW4Caux, Rachèle
Introduction to Global History3301N1DW5Caux, Rachèle
Introduction to Global History3301N1DW7Peters, Gesche
Power and Resistance3301N1DW12003Lander, Benjamin
Race, Ethnicity and Migration3301N1DW12004Peters, Gesche
Social Justice in Canada?330201DW12001Kirkland, Elizabeth
Outcasts and Minorities in Quebec History330210DW1Caux, Rachèle
The Family330325DW1Rebelo, Nancy
The Family330325DW2Rebelo, Nancy
Greco-Roman Tradition332115DW1Tucker, Jiri
Philosophy: Thinking for Ourselves340303DW1Lim, Jessica
Men, Women, and Culture345101MQ2Lalonde, Gloria
What Does It Mean To Be Human?345101MQ3Van Der Wee, Eric
“You Call That Art?”: Introduction to Art and Philosophy345101MQ4Bobiy, Mikaela
Critical Thinking: Feminist Ways of Knowing345101MQ18Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Critical Thinking: Feminist Ways of Knowing345101MQ19Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Critical Thinking: Feminist Ways of Knowing345101MQ27Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Cosmic Pessimism: Thinking Beyond the World-for-Us345101MQ18001Bobiy, Mikaela
Story of Us345101MQ18002Miles, Gray
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ2Miles, Gray
Justice345102MQ6Law, Alexandra
Justice345102MQ11Law, Alexandra
Public Stories: Journalism, Democracy, and the Media345102MQ23Rosen, Joseph
Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Feminism345102MQ27Nemeth, Julian
Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Feminism345102MQ28Nemeth, Julian
Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Feminism345102MQ30Nemeth, Julian
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ31Miles, Gray
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ32Miles, Gray
Creative Resistance and Social Change345102MQ12001Romano, Patricia
From Cruelty to Forgiveness345BXHDW1Romano, Patricia
How can THAT be Legal?345BXHDW5Law, Alexandra
How can THAT be Legal?345BXHDW18Law, Alexandra
Welcome to the Machine345BXHDW18001Polakoff, Gregory
Science: History and Methodology360125DW1Trudeau, Joel
Quantitative Methods360300DW9Kirkland, Elizabeth
Quantitative Methods360300DW11Kirkland, Elizabeth
Quantitative Methods360300DW19De Aguayo, Anna
Quantitative Methods360300DW20De Aguayo, Anna
Social Justice in Canada?360300DW12001Lander, Benjamin
Creative Resistance and Social Change365BXPDW12001Simard, Kim
Introduction to World Religions370102DW1Kepka, Natalie
Introduction to World Religions370102DW2Freud, Ivan
Introduction to World Religions370102DW3Kepka, Natalie
Introduction to World Religions370102DW4Freud, Ivan
Introduction to World Religions370102DW5Freud, Ivan
Religions of the World3701N1DW1Kepka, Natalie
Religions of the World3701N1DW2Freud, Ivan
Religions of the World3701N1DW3Kepka, Natalie
Religions of the World3701N1DW4Freud, Ivan
Religions of the World3701N1DW5Freud, Ivan
Sex and Gender370219DW1Zylberberg, Sonia
Cults and Culture370917DW1Rabbat, Johanne
Spirituality and Religious Expression370BXS031Miceli, Calogero
Race, Ethnicity and Migration381101DW1Howell, Cornelia
Race, Ethnicity and Migration3811N1DW12001Howell, Cornelia
Anthropology of Parenthood381210DW1Howell, Cornelia
Introduction to Politics385101DW2Gordon, Vanessa
Introduction to Political Science3851N1DW2Gordon, Vanessa
Canadian Democracy385306DW2Martin, Cynthia J.
Canadian Democracy385306DW3Martin, Cynthia J.
Individual and Society387101DW4Phipps, Kelly
Individual and Society387101DW8Phipps, Kelly
Individual and Society387101DW10Phipps, Kelly
Introduction to Sociology3871N1DW4Phipps, Kelly
Introduction to Sociology3871N1DW8Phipps, Kelly
Power and Place3871N1DW12001Phipps, Kelly
Social Problems387201DW1Phipps, Kelly
Sociology of Law387219DW1Sigouin, Jennifer
Sociology of Law387219DW2Sigouin, Jennifer
Sexuality and Society387314DW1Beer, Sarah
Sociology of Food and the Environment387401DW1Aunio, Anna-Liisa
Sociology of Health Care387980DW1Shea, Laura
Sociology of Health Care387980DW2Shea, Laura
Research Methods for Recreation387991DW1Aunio, Anna-Liisa
Intervention with Mandated Clienteles388513DW1Elling, Yaffa
Lost in Translation502302DW1Roiter, Leila
Lost in Translation502302DW2Roiter, Leila
Explorations in Cinema and Communications530113DW2Simard, Kim
Film Theory530314DW2Simon, Cheryl
Film Theory530314DW3Gupta, Dipti
Communication in the Age of AI530315DW1Simon, Cheryl
Scripting for Media530911DW1McLellan, Justine
Cinema and Culture530914DW1Gupta, Dipti
Cinema Styles530916DW1McLellan, Justine
Cinema Styles530916DW2McLellan, Justine
Animation Atelier530921DW1Gupta, Dipti
Alternative Cinema530931DW1Simard, Kim
Cinema Styles530BWA033McLellan, Justine
Cinema and Culture530BWA036Levine, Reisa
Cinema and Culture530BWA037Levine, Reisa
The Networked World585913DW1Marin Dubuard, Bérengère
Les sciences humaines en français602BXUDW1Hachem, Ghayas
Introduction to College English603101MQ105Elmslie, Susan
Poetry603102MQ4Elmslie, Susan
Shakespeare's Comedies603102MQ7Bergbusch, Matt
Shakespeare's Comedies603102MQ8Bergbusch, Matt
Graphic Memoir by Women603102MQ9Couture, Merrianne
Poetry603102MQ12Elmslie, Susan
Literature and Shell Shock603103MQ2Stunden, Sarah
Nurturing Nature603103MQ8Thatcher, Wendy
Family Dramas603103MQ12Grant, Alyson
Family Dramas603103MQ13Grant, Alyson
Reading, Writing and Eating603103MQ28Gemmel, Tracie
Words of Love603103MQ32Devine, Brent
Book Club603103MQ33Gossage, Mary
The Black Canadian Experience603103MQ35Runcie, Frank
Non-Fiction Workshop603BXEDW1Weisberg, Noah
Food for Thought: From Farm to Table603BXEDW2Thatcher, Wendy
Applied Themes in English603BXEDW20Nault, Jennifer
Applied Themes in English603BXEDW21Nault, Jennifer


Last Modified: August 30, 2023