Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate Attributes


  • Recognize the limitations of, and harm done by, the perpetuation of binaries in relationship to sex, sexuality, and gender
  • Understand the deep historical roots of gender inequality, as well as the ways in which gender intersects with other socially constructed hierarchies that shape people’s lives
  • Examine the contributions of different feminist perspectives and diverse feminist voices in understanding gender inequality
  • Analyze different manifestations of the problem of gender inequality across cultures and historical periods


  • Use different concepts, perspectives, and methodologies derived from feminist and queer theory to understand historical and/or contemporary examples of gender inequality
  • Demonstrate how transdisciplinary and intersectional theories and research have shaped activism for gender equality


  • Recognize how one’s own ideas, values and experiences have been shaped by ideas about gender, sex and sexuality
  • Develop the capacity to act in concert with others to work for gender equality
  • Create projects that promote solidarity, care, equity, and social justice within and across diverse human experiences

Last Modified: August 20, 2020