Project Fair

Project Fair 2023

The Electronics Engineering Technology Department will be having its annual project fair which showcases the electronic projects designed and built by our graduating students. Drop in at any time between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to see their creations. You decide how long to stay.

Mark your calendar(s) and come by to see some interesting and unique projects.

When: Thursday May 11th 2023 from 11:30am to 1:30 pm
Where: Dawson College in CONROD’s (room 2F.4 located in the upper atrium)

Some of the projects that will be on display are:

Small-Scale Fluid Industrial Process (Fruit Juice Cooking Process)
The Small-Scale Fluid automation system which emulates an industrial control of fluids involved in a fruit juice cooking process. The system controls various pumps and relays to mix the required combination of juices for the cooking process.

Server room monitoring system
The Server Room Monitoring System can determine the environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity of a room remotely while also detecting entry into the room. The system is not limited to a server room and is suitable for monitoring any secure room.

4G LTE Ambient Condition Monitoring System
An ambient condition monitoring system that logs temperature, barometric pressure and humidity to a web page for remote monitoring of data. The data is also processed to provide notifications to a user if conditions exceed configurable min and max values using an SMS text messaging component. The device can be used in applications where ambient conditions are critical for safety (e.g., transportation, greenhouse, server room, etc.).

Remote controlled candy dispenser
The remote-controlled candy dispensers will be engaged wirelessly using Radio Frequencies (RF) to provide pre-loaded sweets. The dispensers will play music until the dispensing process is completed.

The Spi – A web-controllable robot
A robot control system able to send a live video feed using a dedicated controller over a wireless link to a web page hosted on a Raspberry Pi. The video feed can then be used to remotely control the speed and direction of the robot in real time with a user interface provided on the same web page.

Field Survey Measurement Unit
The Field Survey Measurement Unit is capable of measuring the distance between itself and an object using Radio Frequency (RF) waves where free space optical signals would be obstructed.

SmartSafe is a product that offers a range of access control and monitoring components to safeguard the storage of personal valuables in a safe. A keypad and fingerprint scanner provide the access control and monitored by a camera with a Linux web-based application.

Weather station
The Weather Station remotely transmits measurements of temperature, humidity and wind speed to display on a local monitoring station using Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and website for remote viewing.

Biometric Authentication security system
The Biometric Authentication security system consists of multifactor authentication via a fingerprint reader and a keyboard. The system can be used to monitor and control access to secure areas in a building and ensure only authorized individuals are granted access via a wireless communication link.

Automated Basketball Scoring System
The Automated Basketball Scoring System is an arcade like unit that uses a smart zone detection feature to determine if the throw is worth a 3-pointer or a 2-pointer when it passes through the basket. The player’s point total during a game is sent to a leader board hosted on a web page for review.

Last Modified: May 4, 2023