Project Fair 2024

The Electronics Engineering Technology Department will be having its annual project fair which showcases the electronic projects designed and built by our graduating students. Drop in at any time between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to see their creations. You decide how long to stay.

Mark your calendar(s) and come by to see some interesting and unique projects.

When: Tuesday, May 21, 2024 from 11:30am to 1:30 pm
Where: Dawson College in CONROD’s (room 2F.4 located in the upper atrium)

Some of the projects that will be on display are:

The Simon Game Redux

This is an update of an electronic game from the 80’s that challenges a player to remember a random generated sequence of colour patterns that are recreated using buttons. The game has been modernized to allow for more options through a web-based interface and logging of player scores.

Pet Autonomous Welfare System

This system uses various embedded systems to help pet owners ensure their pets receive proper care and nourishment. Using sensors, a servo motor and a camera, they can monitor and feed their pets using any Internet-enabled device while the owner is away.

Wireless Rover

Is a robotic platform able to navigate its way through a room or building using sonar sensors for object detection and fine motor control while building a map of the area. A web-based user interface is providing a video stream for remote monitoring and maneuverability over a Wi-Fi network.

Thermal Vision

A user-friendly thermal imaging system which can be operated as a handheld device or in a fixed location to provide a live feed accessible through a web interface. A method of user authentication is also provided to control device access.

Smart Home Monitoring System

Using various sensors and control electronics, the Smart Home Monitoring System allows users to control and monitor lighting and environmental elements in their home.  A web-based interface allows for remote access and status monitoring on any network connected device over a secure link.

Wordle on the Go

An implementation of the Wordle guessing game using various electronic hardware elements which allows a player to enters a word using a keyboard. The word will be shown on a LED display along with a running status of their attempt on an LCD screen. A history of past attempts will be logged and made available using a web-based interface.

Smart Coffee Machine Adapter

A Coffee Machine peripheral which uses an embedded system and sensors in order to upgrade and enhance a regular coffee machine.  Any web enabled device can be used to remotely set and monitoring all aspects of the brewing process.

RFID Based Inventory Management System

A computer-based system using RFID tags will allow for the tracking of inventory as items move through the various stages of a company’s process until they are sold. Using a database, inventory status can be monitored via any web enabled device.

Web Gauntlet

Inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man, this accessory uses various electronic elements to control a work-alike spider web. It allows for the dispensing and retrieval of the spider web using various embedded system-controlled motors and solenoid components. Control and status are provided locally with button inputs and a colour screen display.

Last Modified: May 2, 2024