About Us

The Electronics Engineering Technology Program has existed at Dawson College since the 1969-1970 academic year. The program has undergone six program revisions since then and it was formerly known as Electrotech.

The revised Electronics Engineering Technology Program has been offered since the fall 2009 semester, and is a three-year career program that trains students to work in a variety of technological occupations in computers and networks, and telecommunications fields. It provides students with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of electronics, and/or computers and networks, and/or telecommunications. In the second semester of study, students select which of the two options they wish to specialize in.

Both specializations (i.e. options) consist of 91 2/3 credits (2700 hours for Computers and Networks, and 2685 hours for Telecommunications). Of these, 26 2/3 credits (660 hours) are general education courses and 65 credits for program specific courses.

Last Modified: June 4, 2015