2017-2018 Membership


Jonathon Sumner


Diane Gauvin – Academic Dean
Raymond Boucher – Director of Student Services
Leanne Bennett – Dean of Science, Medical Studies & Engineering
Andréa Cole – Dean of Creative & Applied Arts
Isabelle Carrier – Dean of Social Science & Business Technologies
Johanne Rocheleau – Dean of Continuing Education and Community Services
Carmela Gumelli – Dean of Academic Systems
Julie Brosseau – Coordinator of Academic Systems
Catherine LeBel – Dean of Academic Development

Sector or Program Chairs/Coordinators

Nelly Muresan – Arts, Literature and Communication Program
Vivien Watson – Social Science Program
Jonathon Sumner – Science Program
Karen Gabriele – Council of Career Programs


Julianna Joos – ALC/Visual Arts
Laura Shea – Social Science/Liberal Arts
Cynthia Martin – Social Science/Liberal Arts
Yann Lamontagne – Science/Math
Philip Lagogiannis – Science/Math
Leigh Barnett-Shapiro – Arts Technologies
Jocelyne Napias-Pfeiffer – Medical Technologies
Jimmy Plaitis – Engineering Technologies
Vanessa Robillard – Social Technologies
Alex Simonelis – Business Technologies
Alyson Grant – English
Lysanne Audy – French
Tim Miller – Physical Education
Michael Wood – Humanities

Support Staff

Amy Soulis – Professionals
Jane Valihora – Professionals
Kelly Ann Morel – Professionals
Daniel Tesolin – Support Staff


Naftalia Allison – Dawson Student Union
Gary-Joseph Panganiban – Dawson Student Union
Tsion Mariam Sisaye – Dawson Student Union
Anthony Williams – Part-Time Student

Last Modified: January 22, 2018