2023-2024 Membership

CHAIR Marianne Pelton
ADMINISTRATION Leanne Bennett Academic Dean
Max Jones Director of Student Services
Andréa Cole Dean of Creative & Applied Arts
Jonathon Sumner Dean of Science, Medical Studies and Engineering
Maeve Muldowney Dean of Continuing Education and Community Services
Carmela Gumelli Dean of Academic Systems
Isabelle Carrier (Interim) Dean of Academic Development
APPOINTMENT OF THE ACADEMIC DEAN Anna Marczewska Pedagogical Counsellor
PROGRAM COORDINATORS AND COUNCIL OF CAREER PROGRAMS Cheryl Simon Arts, Literature and Communication Program
Cynthia Martin Social Science Program
Ben Seamone Science Program
Laurel Breidon Council of Career Programs
FACULTY Gwen Baddeley ALC/Visual Arts
Marianne Pelton Social Science/Liberal Arts
Dónal Gill Social Science/Liberal Arts
Yann Lamontagne Science/Math
Chris Whittaker Science/Math
Anne-Marie Legault Arts Technologies
Tim Miller Medical Technologies
Jimmy Plaitis Engineering Technologies
David Spinner Social Technologies
Fabienne Cyrius Business Technologies
Paul Hawkins English
Vincent Da Costa Ferreira French
Jeffrey Zeidel Physical Education
Michael Wood Humanities
Diana Rice Professionals
Jane Valihora Professionals
Toni Hakem Support Staff
STUDENTS Isabelo Beli-En David Day Division
Derrick Essou Day Division
Delice Betukumesu Day Division
TBA Continuing Education


Last Modified: April 2, 2024