College Policies


Academic Integrity Policy
College policy on academic integrity, adopted by the Board of Governors on April 16, 2012.

Immunization Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure safety to patients, students, and employees through compliance with government protocols regarding immunizations (vaccinations).

Institutional Program Evaluation Policy (IPEP)
College policy on the regular evaluation of programs of study, adopted by the Board of Governors on June 5, 2019.

Politique Institutionnelle D’Évaluation des Programmes
Politique du Collège sur l'évaluation régulière des programmes d'études, adoptée par le Conseil d'administration le 5 juin 2019.

Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP)
Dawson College is committed to maintaining standards of academic excellence and promoting equitable and effective evaluation of student learning. The Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (ISEP) outlines the roles and responsibilities of students, teachers and administrators with regard to student evaluation, and sets out the rules about assessment, grades and academic standing.

Policy on the Management of Programs of Study
Policy on the management of programs of study.

Corporate Affairs

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Governing Board Members
This policy establish the rules of ethics and professional conduct governing the members of the Board of Governors of the College.

Conflict of Interest and Nepotism Policy
This policy is to set a framework under which College employees and members of the Board of Governors may operate while avoiding situations that may constitute a conflict of interest or nepotism.

Policy on French Language
In compliance with the Charter of French Language, this policy defines the College commitments regrading to teaching of French as a second language and the language used in official written communications.

Politique langue francaise 2003-12
En vertu de la Charte de la langue française, cette politique défini les engagements du Collège pour l’enseignement du français langue seconde et de la langue utilisée dans les communications officielles.

Policy on Records Digitization

Policy on the Naming of College Spaces and Services
This policy is to assign names in the college in honor of persons or organizations and to make recommendations regarding those proposals to the Board of Governors.

Procurement and Management of Contracts
In compliance with the directive from the Treasury Board, and in conjunction with Bylaw 10, this document establishes the rules for the management of contracts entered into by the College

Records Management Policy

Whistleblower Policy
The aim of this policy is to facilitate the disclosure, in the public interest, of wrongdoings committed or about to be committed in relation to Dawson College and establish a general protection regime against reprisals.

Code d'éthique et de déontologie des membres du conseil d'administration

Director General

Policy on Sexual Violence
In accordance with the Act to prevent and fight sexual violence in higher education institutions, this policy sets out the principles and commitments of the College to prevent and fight sexual violence. Revised September 2022.

Politique sur les violences a caractère sexuel
Conformément à la Loi visant à prévenir et à combattre les violences à caractère sexuel dans les établissements d’enseignement supérieur, cette politique énonce les principes et les engagements du Collège pour prévenir et combattre la violence à caractère sexuel. Révisé en septembre 2022.

Code of Conduct
Everyone who comes to work, attends class or visits the College campus has a right to not only a safe and healthy environment, but to be treated with respect and civility. These principles are the basis of Dawson's Code of Conduct Policy that applies to the entire Dawson Community, including students, employees, as well as visitors and contractors who come to the College.

Framework Policy on Risk Management
This policy defines a systematic approach to manage the risks that could affect the College.

Information Security
This framework policy ensures that adequate measures are in place to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Off-Campus Student Travel and Activities Policy
Recognizing that increasing numbers of students are involved in off-campus activities, the College wishes to encourage those activities and ensure that they are conducted in the safest possible manner. To that end, the College has adopted an institutional policy that will regulate all college-sponsored off-campus activities involving students.

Policy for a Smoke-free College
This policy addresses the health issues posed by the incidence of smoking among young adults and by the exposure to tobacco smoke of smokers and non-smokers alike. To that end, the College will create a smoke-free environment on its entire campus and during academic activities that occur off the campus.

Sustainability Policy
The goal of the sustainability policy is to provide a framework in which the College strives to continuously improve its sustainability-related performance in academic activities and initiatives, engagement, operations, and planning and administration.

Facilities Management

Policy on the Provision of Course Materials
This policy establishes the principles and conditions to ensure that all Dawson students have equitable access to course materials, and that the provision of course materials respects all copyright and procurement laws and regulations

Policy and Procedures on the Usage of Electric Charging Stations
This policy establishes the principles and conditions to encourage the use of electric light vehicles and existing charging infrastructure on campus.


Appointment of External Auditors
This policy defines the process by which the external auditor is selected and reviewed every year.

Policy on Business Expenses
Board members and employees incurring expenses on authorized College business are entitled to have all such reasonable expenses reimbursed to them and to receive a limited advance towards such expenses.

Sale of goods and the provision of services to students
This document complements the College By-Laws by specifying the cost of purchase or rental of goods and of services not covered by Article 24.5 of the Act. It also specifies the penalties that students must pay when they fail to comply with College deadlines. The sale of goods and services through the College Bookstore is not included in this document.

Human Resources

Human Resource Management Policy
The general objectives of this policy are to influence attitudes, behaviours, approaches and styles of personal interaction between individuals and groups in order to enhance the contributions of all employees to the College’s Mission; and to clarify how the management of human resources helps maintain a high quality of services provided by the College.

Policy to Stem Violence, Discrimination, Harassment and the Abuse of Power
Dawson College recognizes that all its employees and students are entitled to a respectful and harmonious work and/or study environment free from violence, discrimination, all forms of harassment, and the abuse of power, where respect of the individual’s dignity, physical and psychological integrity are safeguarded. To this end, Dawson College will take all reasonable measures to prevent incidents of violence, discrimination, harassment and the abuse of power, and, when informed of such incidents whether informally or formally in writing, will intervene to address them.

Evaluation - Professionals
The performance evaluation process is designed to be formative, provide feedback to professionals on their accomplishments and help them achieve their potential.

Evaluation - Support Staff
The performance evaluation process is designed to be formative, provide feedback to support staff on their accomplishments and help them achieve their potential.

Evaluation - Managers
The performance evaluation process is designed to be formative, provide feedback to managers on their accomplishments and help them achieve their potential.

Evaluation - Managers - Schedules
Guidelines and templates for the evaluation of managers

Policy for Management Personnel
Defines local working conditions of managers

Staffing Recruitment and Hiring - Faculty

Staffing Recruitment and Hiring - Non-teaching Personnel

Information Systems and Technology

Accounts policy
This policy applies to employees with privileged access to accounts, systems, or information within systems, as well those who implement, deploy or manage systems.

BackUp Policy
The goal of this policy is to ensure timely restoration of information in the event of accidental deletion, corruption, system failure, or disaster.

IT Incident Management Policy
This policy defines the protocol to report, assess, resolve and follow-up IT incidents

IT Security Policy
This document outlines your responsibilities, as an employee and user of IT resources, regarding IT security. It complements and gives concrete examples but does not replace existing policies and legislation.

IT User Policy
The goal of this policy is to ensure that the College’s IT resources are used to support Dawson’s Mission and to define the standard of conduct expected from users.

Password Policy
All employees, students, and other users of the College’s IT resources are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as outlined in the document ablove, to select and secure their password(s).

Instructional Development

Teacher Evaluation Policy
Dawson teachers will be evaluated periodically by the Teacher Evaluation Office in accordance with Bylaw Number 4.


CRC Score Calculation Policy
CRC Score Calculation Policy

College Admissions Policy
This policy concerning College Admission is established in accordance with the College Education Regulations (CQLR, chapter C-29, r. 4).

Dawson College is fully committed to the Quebec public colleges’ mission to facilitate accessibility to College education for all students abiding by the articles of the following policy.

Policy on Partnership Agreements (Commandite Courses)
Students at Dawson College are expected to take all their courses at the College. This policy recognizes exceptional circumstances under which it might be necessary for students to take a course elsewhere. A commandite is an official document that allows students to take a course in another educational institution.


Integrity in Research and Scholarship Policy
This policy defines the integrity framework for research and scholarship at Dawson College, and describes the education, guidance and support it provides to members of the college community. The College expects all those involved in, or associated with the research enterprise to adhere to accepted standards of integrity in their research activities. This policy endorses the standards of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Integrity in Research and Scholarship (1994, hereafter TCPS-IRS), in conjunction with the collective agreements of unionized personnel of the College.

Policy for the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans
This College policy abides by the Tri-Council Policy Statement and expresses Dawson’s commitment to adhere to recognized standards for the ethical conduct and institutional oversight of all research involving humans.

Scholars in Residence Policy
The Scholars in Residence Program offers support to retired researchers by granting access to services that would otherwise be terminated upon their retirement.

Student Services

Policy on Ombudservices
The object of this policy is to delineate the roles, responsibilities, sphere of activity, reporting structure and process for nomination of the ombudspersons of Dawson College.

Last Modified: September 23, 2015