The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the highest authority in the College with respect to its governance. In accordance with the Colleges Act, the Board is composed of 19 members, 11 of whom are members representing constituent groups of the external community served by the College, and eight members who represent the College, comprised of students, faculty and staff, the Director General and the Academic Dean. The Board of Governors ensures that the College fulfills its legal mission and functions within the parameters set out by the Ministry of Education. The Board exercises its responsibilities through its decisions on policy, planning and direction, notably in the areas of institutional objectives and financial accountability.

Director General

The Director General is appointed by the Board of Governors and serves as the chief executive officer of the College. Under the authority of the Board, the Director General is responsible for the overall management of the College, providing direction and leadership to its employees and acting as the College’s primary representative with the external community.


Under the authority of the Board of Governors, the College Senate advises the Board on matters concerning the programs of study dispensed by the College and the evaluation of learning achievement, including the procedures for the certification of studies. In addition to the Academic Dean, the Senate is composed of 34 members. Senate advises the Board on the academic implications of policies relating to the use of multimedia, computer and instructional technology services, the selection and availability of learning resources, educational and academic research, course scheduling, the academic calendar, and pedagogical projects with institutions outside Quebec. Senate meetings are held monthly during the academic year and are open to the Dawson community.

Academic Dean

The Academic Dean is appointed by the Board of Governors, in consultation with the Senate of Dawson College. The Academic Dean reports to the Director General and replaces the latter in his/her absence. The Academic Dean is responsible for academic programs, services and policies, and is an ex-officio member of the College Senate and Board.

Sectors and Academic Departments

Dawson College offers two-year pre-university programs and three-year career programs. Academic departments at Dawson College are organized into three sectors: Science, Medical Studies and Engineering; Social Science and Business Technologies; Creative and Applied Arts. Each sector is headed by a Dean, who reports to the Academic Dean. Each academic department elects a chair who is primarily responsible for the department’s administration. A Council of Career Programs oversees issues of concern to students, faculty, staff and administration of three-year technical/career.

Last Modified: November 25, 2021