College Bylaws

Bylaw 1
Concerning the General Administration of the College

Bylaw 2A
Concerning Student Fees For Admission, Registration and Instructional Services

Bylaw 2B
Concerning Supplemental Student Fees

Bylaw 3
Concerning the Appointment, the Renewal of the Mandate, and the Evaluation, of the Director General and the Academic Dean

Bylaw 4
Concerning Human Resource Management

Bylaw 5
Concerning Financial Management

Bylaw 6
Concerning Senate

Bylaw 7
Concerning Special Conditions for Admissions

Bylaw 8
Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success

Bylaw 8
Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success. Adopted February 22nd 2018, effective Fall 2018.

Bylaw 9
Concerning the Management of Programs of Study

Bylaw 10
Concerning Procurement.

Last Modified: September 23, 2015