College Bylaws

Bylaw 1
Concerning the General Administration of the College

Bylaw 2A
Concerning Student Fees For Admission, Registration and Instructional Services.
Effective Winter 2019.

Bylaw 2B
Concerning Supplemental Student Fees. Effective Winter 2019.

Bylaw 3
Concerning the Appointment, the Renewal of the Mandate, and the Evaluation, of the Director General and the Academic Dean

Bylaw 4
Concerning Human Resource Management

Bylaw 5
Concerning Financial Management

Bylaw 6
Concerning Senate

Bylaw 7
Concerning Special Conditions for Admissions

Bylaw 8
Concerning the Promotion of Academic Success.

Bylaw 9
Concerning the Management of Programs of Study

Bylaw 10
Concerning Procurement.

Last Modified: September 23, 2015