Immunization procedures
This procedure derives from the requirements of the College Policy on Student and Employee Immunization for Clinical Courses or Internships.

Administrative Services

College Credit Card Agreement
College Credit Card Agreement - Appendix to the College policy on business expenses.

Corporate Affairs

Procedure for filing complaints related to contract awarding
This document describes the conditions and procedure to submit a complaint related to the tendering documents or a notice of intention published on SÉAO. Ce document décrit les conditions et la procédure pour soumettre une plainte portant sur des documents d'appel d'offre ou un avis d'intention publié sur SÉAO.

Director General

Capital Timeline
The Annual Capital Acquisition Process defines the critical path for submission and approvals of requests in the Normalised Capital Budget.

Off-Campus Student Travel and Activities Procedures
These Procedures and Guidelines are designed to assist in the planning and safe execution of off-campus activities. While these procedures provide requirements and parameters for a number of particular situations, it should be recognized that no set of procedures can address every possible contingency. The persons responsible for an activity should assess the proposed activity according to the applicable circumstances.

Procedures for a Smoke-free College

Human Resources

Absences and Substitution - Faculty
Defines the rules for Regular and Continuing Education teacher absences, class cancellations and substitution

Absences - Non-teaching Personnel
Defines the rules for absences for all non-teaching personel, including managers.

Short-term Employment Contracts - Honoraria
This policy defines the rules hiring employees for contracts over and above their regular positions, and for honorarium payments.

Absences Due to Religious Observances

Leaves of Absence - Faculty - November  2013 final

Leaves of Absence - Professionals - November  2013 final

Leaves of Absence - Support Staff - November  2013 final

Orientation - Faculty - January 1996

Orientation - Non-teaching Personnel - January 1996

Professional Development - Faculty
Revised November 2012

Professional Development - Professionals
Revised November 2016

Professional Development Policy - Support Staff
Revised April 2016

Information Systems and Technology

Attribution of Computing Devices
This document describes the procedure and standards for the attribution of computing devices to administrative employees of the College.

Moodle Terms of Use

Office365 Terms of Use
For more information about the Office 365 offer and how to enroll, please see the FAQ document under IST - User guides.

Last Modified: March 4, 2016