Software for Home Use

The OnTheHub Web Store is an independent retailer Dawson College partners with to provide software purchases for faculty, staff, and registered students (excluding non-credit students) on their personally-owned machines. Some of the deals include Microsoft Windows, Corel, SPSS, etc. Product selection is determined by agreements between Dawson College and its software providers, or OnTheHub and…

Software Center

The Software Center is an inventory of applications that users can install by themselves. To launch it, type ‘Software Center’ in the Windows search box. Some of these, for example and Antidote may not appear on your list if you have not been granted a license yet. Contact the helpdesk.


Standard machines come with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office (Pro) 2013. You can find more software to install on your office machine in the Software Center This includes an upgrade to Office 2016, Adobe Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud. You may also purchase software for home use at a discounted price. See details here.

SharePoint shortcuts

Shortcuts to SharePoint allow you to quickly open files within File Explorer or applications, just as you would with a network drive. Depending on your permissions, some may already exist and can be found under Network location: look for shortcuts starting with ‘SP-‘ such as ‘SP-Policies’ or ‘SP-Managers’. You may create your own shortcuts as…

SharePoint overview

SharePoint is the College document collaboration platform, hosted on the College servers. There are departmental sites, as well college-wide libraries such as policies, memos (all-dawson), etc. SharePoint can be accessed in a variety of ways: through a Web browser, File Explorer, Outlook or an iPad. To set up new sites or libraries, please contact Ekaterine…

Read & Write Installation Guide

For full installation instructions, please login to the MyDawson portal. In the “My Services” menu on the left, select: Student Services > Read & Write All Dawson students and staff can go to to download the software. To log in,  use a Dawson email account and network password to sign into the program by…

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite. Login to Microsoft 365 at by using your Dawson e-mail address (for students: firstname.last[at] and your network password. You may also find your login information at MyDawson > My Dawson Life > Microsoft 365 Account. What you get Microsoft 365 apps for your PC or Mac, iOS… for Outlook is an Outlook Add-In that provides easy, full-featured access to SharePoint content, e.g. to save an email message or its attachment to SharePoint. It may be installed from the Application Catalog. If you don’t see ‘Install/Upgrade’ in the Available Software, contact the Helpdesk. Configuration The installation adds a side-bar to your Outlook window….

Adobe CC for home use

What is Creative Cloud for home use Dawson’s Faculty and Staff are allowed access to the Adobe Creative Cloud package for home use free of charge. With our subscription package from Adobe, Faculty and Staff can install Creative Cloud on two personal machines. It also gives you access to the iOS applications from Adobe. How…