Digital signatures

Digital signature software offers an alternative to paper based forms. Instead of completing and signing forms by hand, these software allows users to complete and sign forms electronically. The College offers two solutions : Adobe Sign and ConsignO.

Adobe Sign

Adobe e-Sign may be used if you are sending forms or documents to be signed by others. The software sends the form or documents out, has tracking feature that sends notifications to you when a document is signed, and reminders when a document has not been signed. Neither you nor the recipients need software or applications installed.

Before using Adobe Sign to send documents, you must contact the Helpdesk to get assigned a license. The recipients or signees do not require a license and can even be non-Dawson.

Training is available with LinkedIn Learning: search for “Abode Sign”. If you are just receiving documents to sign, please see instructions here.


ConsignO may be used if you are signing your own documents. It requires an authentication process with the company (to certify who you are) and an application installed on your computer.

Last Modified: September 16, 2020