What makes you happy- SH activity photo by CParsons

World youth coming to Dawson for Sustainable Happiness camp

About 50 students from colleges and polytechnics around the world will be at Dawson April 21-26 for an International Youth Camp. This event is part of the World Congress 2023 on Collective Intelligence, organized by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP).

Sustainable Dawson will be welcoming the students to Dawson and taking care of all the programming for youth, which will be focused on Sustainable Happiness as requested by the conference organizers.

“Students will share in a journey of hope, leadership and change and will experience a unique program that will further identify their role as important choice makers and change makers,” reads the CICan website about the camp.

Everyone wants to experience our Living Campus

“Although we have much to learn as an institution, conference organizers, delegates from other countries and the youth camp participants all want to experience Dawson’s Living Campus, where we strive to reconnect people, community and Nature as part of a holistic approach to education,” said Chris Adam of Dawson’s Sustainability Office.

Conference organizers recognized Dawson’s “ability to connect theory to practice and create micro-restorative places and projects that contribute to wellness. Our entire community is part of this – how we teach, how we maintain the building, what we offer with regards to activities and support for students. The recognition of this work is something we should feel proud of and we must also recognize the responsibility we have as a beacon of hope and positive change in an ever-increasing world of change.”

Sustainable Happiness programming and field trips

Participants will have Sustainable Happiness programming every morning, followed by afternoon field trips to sustainably operated companies and CEGEPs. After the conference, Dawson will offer two time zone periods for participants from around the world to finish their SH certificate from their home country.

The program will include activities, discussions, and site visits on topics related to biodiversity, urban water management, Indigenous philosophy, sustainable consumption, climate action and leadership character.

The youth participants will present their final reflections at the closing ceremony at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal with Dawson representatives.

Filters of hope and personal action

“We recognize that we have a greater role to inspire and contribute to communities, both near and far, in an effort to generate healthy practices that model well-being for all,” Chris said.

“In short, this conference takes important educational goals and actions developed on paper, applies them through filters of hope and personal action, and that is of the most importance. First-hand experience in learning is emphasized in all we do at the youth conference, with second-hand experiences used as valuable reference points.

“Dawson’s goal is to share best practices and contribute to an international education community. We must always work at strengthening a network of college partners that will enrich our journey towards our own strategic goals.”

Last Modified: March 22, 2023