Our Past Field Trips

The Global Stream of the Social Change and Solidarity profile continues with the tradition of its predecessor, North South Studies, and it includes a Field Trip to the Global South. The Field Trip has been the setting for learning experiences that have transformed the relationship of students and teachers with the Global South.  It has been a space for the development of everlasting friendships and for the forging of a commitment to global social justice.  For more than 30 years students and teachers have travelled to the Global South and engaged in experiential learning. Classroom learning and the real world meet head-on and provide the possibility of bringing them together into a new synthesis of knowledge about North-South issues. For more than 25 years the Field Trip took us to Nicaragua and since 2019 we have been travelling to Cuba. Upon their return, as part of their coursework, students put together a video and a Field Report. We invite you to view these and experience some of the trips with us. In the context of Covid, we were not able to travel, but that did not stop us from learning in solidarity with the South. We include here a video of our  Virtual Field Trip experience.

Last Modified: May 15, 2023