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Seeking help within the SAAC

SAAC Adapted Services Counsellor

Your counsellor can help you identify your needs and ensure they are being met. If at any time you wish to discuss your approved accommodations, academic challenges that you may be encountering, barriers you may be facing or just to touch base, you should make an appointment with your counsellor.

Inclusion Solution Assistive Technology Lab

Located in room 2E.08, the lab is equipped with height-adjustable desks, a SmartBoard, a printer, a scanner, and a number of specialized software packages and devices to address a wide variety of learning needs.

Please visit:

French Language specialist

The French Language Specialist works in collaboration with the teaching staff of the French department.

The French Language Specialist can help students develop various learning strategies that will allow them to improve in their French language courses; further clarification of class concepts or one-on-one assistance for a specific assignment, exam, quiz, etc. may also be provided.

Seeking help within the College

Last Modified: August 31, 2023