This island within the parking lot was once a lawn that was maintained by the landscape contractors. It is meant to demonstrate a small area that has no woody plants other than the large tree at its center. It has been left to grow as a meadow and species are developing that encourage pollinators and butterflies.


    • Weekly check for any garbage or damage
    • Any trees or shrubs (woody plants) should be cut several times a year
    • Snip all Goutweed any time it is noticed and return weekly to re-snip if found (do not dig out)
    • Tie any tall plant exceeding the cement/pavement border to make sure people entering and leaving the parking area do not touch the plants (e.g. pollen & dew on clothing)

Interesting Notes:

    • Many species have come on their own to this “island” through wind and bird dispersion
    • Squirrels also burry seeds in this area, resulting in tree growth
    • Staff who park in this area sometime complain of wasps and “sticky droplets” all over the surface and windshield of their cars. This often happens in the fall, when the aphids up above in the Basswood tree release these sugary droplets, causing this sticky feeling when touched. The wasps are then attracted to the car’s surface because they like to feed on the sweet, sticky droplets. A potential solution to this problem would be to simply not park under the tree in the fall if this bothers you!

Last Modified: March 22, 2023