My Dawson

What is MyDawson?

MyDawson is the portal for students and employees. It acts as a gateway to existing Web systems and offers new functionalities for communication: MIO to send messages to students and employees Intranet Communities My files to access your network home and shared drives Surveys Services for students such as Lea, Moodle, Omnivox, First Class (Web only), etc. […]

MyDawson surveys

There is a tool in MyDawson to conduct surveys. Generally student or teacher participants can choose whether to participate or not in these surveys. Results may be published, but Dawson strictly safeguard the privacy of the data collected ; furthermore this data cannot be used for purposes other than the survey. Invitations to participate in surveys […]

MyDawson Communities

Communities are groups of people with similar activities or interests ; they can have their membership set such as all students, students in a program, etc., be open for members to join such as the Athletics community, or even be private. Depending on the community, its members can receive announcements (news), access documents, pictures, bookmarks, […]

My Files

You may access your home and shared drives from a Web browser with MyDawson. This feature is located under My Services>My Dawson Life. Upon the first use, you will be asked to enter your username and password (network) as below:


Description MIO (Messaging in Omnivox) is a convenient way to send messages to other members of MyDawson. Individual students or teachers can be contacted, students from a class or a program, employees from a department, etc. It is integrated with Lea. Instructions Sending a message to students in a class To send new message to […]


Léa is a simple Classroom management system within MyDawson. It offers the following features: Class Documents such as the course outline and lectures The Class Calendar details (dates for assignments, special events, etc.) Announcements destined to the class Your teachers’ Recommended websites Their Hours of availability to meet with students Allows you to easily follow-up […]

Access to MyDawson

Instructions The portal is available at: Employees can login using their Network username and password. Students have to activate their account on their first use by answering security questions. On the login screen, follow the link after First use of My Dawson?: On the next screen you must provide your student number, date of birth, […]