Videoconferencing is available through Zoom at Anybody can join a zoom meeting, provided they have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer equiped with video, microphone and speaker (e.g. webcam and/or headsets). Anybody can also host a meeting with a limit of 40 minutes per call: in order to do that, just sign up with…

Wireless Access

Instructions for setting up a secure, encrypted connection are available for : Windows 7, Mac, Windows XP and Mobile devices. Two wireless networks are available: Dawson_wifiportal and Dawson_secure (The SSIDs are case sensitive text strings). Both require network authentication (i.e. Active Directory), but the latter is called secure because it encrypts the communication, making it…

Wifi printing

Go to Login, browse for and upload your document; choose the printer you want it to print on.


Access the WiFi with your Network account. If not already created, go to MyDawson : My Dawson Life : Network Account. Dawson_open vs Dawson_secure Two networks are available : Dawson_open for a quick, temporary connection to surf the Web, and Dawson_secure for an encrypted communication. We recommend the latter because it is makes it harder…

VMWare Horizon

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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Username Passwords

In addition to the MyDawson account you created upon your admission, you need to create a Network account to access WiFi, computers, network drives, etc. To do so, go to MyDawson : My Dawson Life : Network Account. Your username is your student number. Passwords have to meet complexity requirements. You may use the same…

Terminal Server

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Reset password checklist

This checklist guides you through the process of resetting your network password. After you have changed your network password, you will have to reconfigure other systems that use the same password in order to avoid being locked out. Restart your computer If you have changed your password using MyDawson or Webmail, you should restart your…

Overview of remote access

Outside the College you may access your network drives through MyDawson or as web folders. If you are an employee of the College, you may also: Access your Exchange email through webmail, or configure your Outlook client at home to connect to Dawson Open a remote session to a server or virtual machine Organize a…

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