Reset password checklist

This checklist guides you through the process of resetting your network password. After you have changed your network password, you will have to reconfigure other systems that use the same password in order to avoid being locked out. Restart your computer If you have changed your password using MyDawson or Webmail, you should restart your…

Choosing a good password

A weak password can easily be guessed by a third party, which could compromise security of our network and services. For example, your login name, phone number, spouse name, or any word in a dictionary, are not good passwords. A good password should: be at least eight characters long, use a combination of letters, digits…

Change your Office365 and Network password

Step 1 Sign in to Office 365 with your Dawson email address and password by going to Step 2 Click on the top right icon that has your initials then click on my account Step 3 In the left panel click on “Security & Privacy” then click on “Password” to change your password.