Wireless Access

Instructions for setting up a secure, encrypted connection are available for : Windows 7, Mac, Windows XP and Mobile devices. Two wireless networks are available: Dawson_wifiportal and Dawson_secure (The SSIDs are case sensitive text strings). Both require network authentication (i.e. Active Directory), but the latter is called secure because it encrypts the communication, making it […]

Wifi printing

Go to https://dc2.dawsoncollege.qc.ca Login, browse for and upload your document; choose the printer you want it to print on.


Access the WiFi with your Network account. If not already created, go to MyDawson : My Dawson Life : Network Account. Dawson_open vs Dawson_secure Two networks are available : Dawson_open for a quick, temporary connection to surf the Web, and Dawson_secure for an encrypted communication. We recommend the latter because it is makes it harder […]