Program Policies

Academic Standing and Advancement Policy

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally, students must meet the requirements of the College Academic Standing and Advancement Policy, as well as the Program requirements.

The objectives of this policy are:

  • To ensure that each student registered in the program makes an effort to complete the program in a reasonable time consistent with his/her ability.
  • To ensure that students who are unsuited to the program (for academic and/or non-academic reasons) are identified and given appropriate advice as early as possible.

College Policy

Academic Standing

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally:

  • Students must have passed more than 50% of their courses for the year (not including summer school).
  • Students admitted in January must pass more than 50% of their courses in that semester.
  • Students must also meet the standards of their particular program.  If that policy is more stringent than the College policy, the program policy (DEC or AEC) takes precedence.
  • Students who do not fulfill the above conditions may register only with the permission of the Academic Standing Appeals Committee.

Program Policy

Academic Standing

  • Students who fail the same 570 course twice will be expelled from the program.
  • Students who fail 4 or more 510, 520 or 570 courses in a semester will be expelled from the program.


  • Students must pass all 570 program courses in a semester before registering for the 570 courses of the following semester.
  • Students who do not pass all of their 570 courses may continue to take non-570 courses for one semester and must request permission to resume studies.
  • Students must pass all first and second year 510, 520 and 570 courses before proceeding to the fifth semester of the program.
  • Students must pass 9 out of 11 general education courses before proceeding to the fifth semester of the program.

In cases where students are missing some courses, they may be permitted to advance provided the program coordinator has approved a plan of studies that will allow students to be in phase by the end of the sixth term.  The chart on page 10 (Course Prerequisites and Corequisites) must be adhered to.

The program coordinator may recommend an exception to standing and advancement decisions in extenuating circumstances.

Students who fail to comply with this Academic Standing and Advancement Policy will be expelled from the Program and the College.  Expelled students have the right to appeal the expulsion to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.

Literacy Policy

When submitting course work in English, students are expected to adhere to college-level standards of literacy and presentation and to follow a standard academic documentation style such as the MLA Stylesheet.

Attendance Policy

Presence and participation are necessary components of learning. Students who fail to attend or participate may jeopardize their successful completion of courses.

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

Both academic research and creative production are based on intellectual honesty and artistic integrity. Therefore any act of plagiarism & the unacknowledged use of source material – may result in a failing grade for the project or assignment. It is the student’s responsibility, moreover, to ensure that other students do not make unauthorized use of their work. See the Institutional Student Evaluation Policy in the Dawson College Calendar.

Last Modified: March 5, 2015