Student for an Afternoon


Exceptionally, the in-person “Student for an Afternoon” activity will be a unique virtual event this year!
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The Interior Design Program will host a Student for an Afternoon event in early February, 2021.

Our goal is to allow prospective students to visit classes, see the work that students are doing and meet some of our teaching faculty. Students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year will be invited to share their experiences in the program with you and to answer questions.

We will also present general topics related to the program and courses, the application process, the letter of intent and the portfolio, after which you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

This will likely be a virtual event. If you are interested in participating, please complete the form below.

We will contact everyone at the beginning of the winter term to confirm that we have received your request and update you on the dates and details of the event.

We will give you a formal letter for your school (if necessary) attesting to your attendance should you be required to explain your absence on the day of the event.

Anne Marie Legault
Co-chair, Interior Design

Last Modified: October 25, 2020