Admission Requirements

  • A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES
  • Letter of intent
  • Portfolio

Additional Information

Letter of Intent

The letter of intent tells us more about you than just your grades. We would like to know more about you as a person, and why you think you are suited to the program and to Interior Design as a future career.

Your letter should address:

    • What Interior Design means to you.
    • What motivated you to choose to study Interior Design.
    • Any previous courses taken, or programs completed in related fields.
    • Any relevant creative or technical skills.
    • Aptitudes and abilities that make you a good candidate for this program.
    • Your career goals after completing the program.

The letter of intent will be submitted via the Dawson College Applications Portal.

Accepted file types: .PDF

Maximum file size: 10MB

Deadline: March 1


Assemble a portfolio consisting of ten (10) original examples of creative work that you personally produced within the last two years. The following three items must be included:

  • One (1) interior perspective from observation (example: your bedroom or your kitchen, etc.) in black and white or colour media.
  • One (1) exterior perspective from observation (example: your neighbourhood/street) in black and white or colour media. This drawing should include neighboring houses or buildings or roads (include built structures and not just the landscape).

Perspective Drawing Definition:

Perspective is a drawing technique used in art, design and architecture to represent three-dimensional images on two-dimensional drawings. It creates the linear illusion of depth. As objects get further away from the viewer, they appear to decrease in size at a constant rate.

  • A photograph of one (1) 3-dimensional work. This can be a sculpture, maquette / model, fashion, furniture, jewelry, craft project, ceramics, etc.

The rest of your portfolio may include a variety of works, including freehand sketching, drawings in pencil and/or ink, coloured media, collage work, painting, graphics, photography, or photographs of any 3D artwork.

Focus on creativity, quality, personal expression, and variety in a careful selection of work. This will help us evaluate your potential for success in the program.

Do not include drawings of licensed characters (example: Marvel characters, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, etc.) or any artwork copied from photographs or other sources.

Instructions for submitting your work:

  • Each of the 10 images will be submitted as a separate file in .jpeg format.
  • Name your files in this format: “Lastname_Portfolio1” …etc. (ex: SMITH_Portfolio1.jpeg, SMITH_Portfolio2.jpeg, SMITH_Portfolio3.jpeg, etc.).
  • For each image, identify the media and the date produced.
  • For each image, provide a brief description of the work, and explain why you selected it for your portfolio.
  • Make sure the image quality is high. When scanning original work, use colour mode even if the images are black and white.
  • When photographing original work, make sure that photos are in focus and cropped to the edges of the image.
  • You will be asked to acknowledge that the work you submit is original and your own.

There are no interviews in Interior Design. For more information about portfolio or letter requirements, please send an email to


Portfolios and Letters will be submitted via the Dawson College Applications Portal. Please contact the admissions department if you encounter technical difficulties. Portfolios sent by email will not be considered for admission.

Deadline: March 1

Portfolio FAQ

Everyone has an opportunity to showcase their creativity and individuality. A carefully assembled portfolio showing variety in skills and creative work, shows the effort it takes to succeed. Grades and a good letter of intent count also for a lot in our admissions process

We will teach you how to design interior spaces, therefore we recommend that you avoid showing us interior design projects.

Yes. We acknowledge that not everyone has the same skills or creativity at this stage. We are ready to teach you these skills. This is why applicants are assessed on three categories: academics, letter of intent, and portfolio.

General Admissions FAQ

Career programs will only admit candidates for the fall term. You can still apply to the college for general education studies for the winter term.

CEGEP graduates are trained to work in the field as interior designers. They may also choose to continue on to university. The program provides a strong foundation for post-collegial studies.

Should you be accepted in the program, you will need to fill out Equivalency application forms and pay a fee to the Registrar. The Interior Design department will evaluate the possible Equivalencies once your request is sent to us by the Registrar. A course name, number, and description are required for each course considered.

You will need to complete specific math and sciences before applying to a university architecture program.

Go to the IDCanada , APDIQ, and NCIDQ

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Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: November 9, 2023