• Application Deadline: 
    March 1
  • Profile Code: 
  • DEC in: 
    Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC)
  • Program Length: 
    2 years

Calling all enthusiastic readers, aspiring writers and journalists! Explore and deepen your passion for the written word with a tight-knit community of like-minded students and teachers. In addition to the mandatory four English courses for all CEGEP students, you will take up to 12 more literature and creative writing courses! Develop your writing and analytical skills as you read and discuss works of literature from a variety of times, places and cultures. A broad range of options within the arts will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise across multiple arts disciplines. Enjoy the cultural offerings of Dawson College, including special events for Literature students, and the amazing museums, galleries and theatres of downtown Montreal.

The Literature Profile prepared me perfectly for university studies, by giving me a strong foundation in writing, reading and analysis.
— Bridget G.

What you will learn?

  • To write well and edit meticulously
  • To think critically
  • To execute a creative project
  • To analyze the use of language in cultural objects
  • To situate key literary periods or movements
  • To make connections with social and cultural changes
  • To articulate a critical judgement
  • To learn about national culture and be equipped to comment on cultural issues
  • To appreciate contemporary cultural diversity in literary texts, artworks, artifacts, performances

Where will this program lead you?

Graduates can pursue university studies in the arts or social sciences in fields such as literature, creative writing, communication studies, cultural studies, English, journalism, education, languages and law.

Some possible future careers include: writer, editor/publisher, filmmaker, podcast producer, translator, communications director, journalist, teacher and lawyer.

What else you should know?

  • Courses in creative writing and journalism are also offered
  • If you choose to take all four journalism courses, you will earn a journalism minor
  • You can also take minors in Theatre or Music
  • Teachers are available for extensive one-on-one time
  • An annual literary student conference and arts festival happens each spring
  • “Lit at lunch” events and live student readings occur regularly
  • Students enjoy workshops given by renowned visiting authors as well as field trips to local art exhibitions, book launches, theatrical presentations and poetry and book readings
  • Students can also publish their academic or creative work, or volunteer as editors for the profile’s Creations Journal, the Dawson English Journal or the school newspaper, The Plant

What do you need to apply?

A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES.

Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: November 8, 2023