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Your role in protecting Dawson’s records

May 31st, 2023

As summer approaches, you may be tempted to clean out a filing cabinet, or declutter a disk drive/SharePoint folder, but first please make sure you can do so legally.

As a public body, Dawson College is subject to the Archives Act and must retain its records in accordance to its government-approved retention schedule. All documents created or received in the course of the college’s activities have a corresponding retention rule that sets out the amount of time these documents must be kept, and when/if they can be eliminated.

When records become inactive, some records can be destroyed while others must be preserved permanently as historical archives, even if they are have no current administrative, legal or financial value to the unit.

To familiarize yourself with Dawson’s Records Management Policy, please check the retention schedule and contact the archivist, David-Marc Newman, at 1437 or if you have any questions, or would like help or training in records management.

You can find more information by checking out:

In addition to the Retention Schedule, you will find records managements tools such as the college’s Digitization Policy (and form) that will be useful for any digitization project of paper documents; a guide to Naming Conventions for digital files and folders to help locate and identify them easily; and the Remote Work guidelines for best practices when working off campus to ensure documents and data are protected.

Dawson’s French Language Policy approved by Board of Governors

May 31st, 2023

Dawson’s Board of Governors approved the College’s French Language Policy at a special meeting held on May 24. For more details on the policy and what it means for Dawson, see full article in the April 4, 2023 issue of D News.

The policy was submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education on May 29, 2023 ahead of the Ministry’s June 1 deadline.  It is possible that either the Ministry of Higher Education or Ministry of the French Language will have comments or request amendments to the policy.

Additionally, given the accelerated timeline required to complete the policy within a short timeframe, the College plans to continue consulting with the community and revisit the policy before June 30, 2024.  It is already possible that amendments to the policy will be required, given that the National Assembly is considering special exemptions for Indigenous students who do not hold a certificate of eligibility. See more details in this recent CBC article.

The full text of the policy is available on Dawson’s website in both English and French.

Read more about: Effort underway to translate Dawson memos and website to French

Effort underway to translate Dawson memos and website to French

May 17th, 2023

In the coming weeks and months, Dawson will be taking steps to ensure compliance with the Quebec Charter on the French Language in its communications with employees and the public. Translation of employee memos Starting May 8, all mass emails sent to Dawson employees have and will be provided in both English and French.  Each…

Read more about: Four new Board members for the Dawson Foundation

Four new Board members for the Dawson Foundation

March 8th, 2023

The Dawson Foundation recently welcomed four new members to the Board of Directors: William Honce, Chris Martin, Jesse Mosebye, and Josie Pizzuco. William Honce (Class of 2010, Social Science – International Business Studies) William is excited about Dawson’s decision to increase their efforts toward sustainability. Over the last decade, the graduate of the International Business…

Dawson’s whistleblower policy

November 2nd, 2022

Did you know that the College has had a whistleblower protocol since 2010, which was revised in 2019 to a formal policy?

Disclosures of wrongdoings could include contravention of laws and misuse of funds or equipment. Complaints do not need to be first-hand accounts and can be made anonymously through an electronic form.

Report from Oct. 12 Board of Governors meeting

November 2nd, 2022

At the regular meeting of the Dawson Board of Governors held on Oct. 12, members agreed to schedule a special meeting of the Board on Oct. 17 to discuss the hiring process for a new Academic Dean in light of the departure of Rob Cassidy, who is leaving Dawson for family relocation reasons. Director General…

Brand new Social Science Program launching in 2023

October 19th, 2022

More than 150 people at Dawson as well as external stakeholders contributed over a three-year process to develop the brand new Social Science Program, which was approved by Dawson’s Board of Governors on Oct. 12 and will be implemented in the Fall of 2023.

Special thanks to: Worku Aberra (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee), Chris Bourne (Program Revision Committee), Selma Hamdani (Program Revision Committee), Cornelia Howell (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee), Cynthia J. Martin (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee), Marianne Pelton (Program Revision Committee) and Lisa Steffen (Program Revision Committee & Program Revision Writing Committee); the Office of Academic Development: Madeleine Bazerghi, Catherine LeBel and Monica Lopez; and Dean Isabelle Carrier.

To see a new promotional video: go to the updated Social Science Program page: 

To learn about the new program: click Read More for the homepage news story.

Highlights from the Sept. 14 Board of Governors meeting

September 21st, 2022

At this month’s Board of Governors meeting, Director General Diane Gauvin shared the presentation delivered to Dawson staff and faculty at the Welcome Back event in August on the potential impacts of Bill 96, as well as her annual management plan for Dawson College. Management priorities for 2022-2023 include: participating in discussions with the Ministry…

June 9 report from the Board meeting

August 24th, 2022

Busy June Board The last Board of Governors meeting is always packed with items signaling the end of the school year as well as regular business. This year’s June meeting was no exception. Amendments were passed to Bylaw 10 which sets the terms for procurement and purchasing by the College. This included guidelines for public…

Updates to the Sexual Violence Policy to be presented to Board June 9

June 1st, 2022

In order to comply with new Quebec legislation about the protection of personal information and to protect the integrity of the investigation process, four updates are being made to the Policy on Sexual Violence of Dawson College. Bill 64, which comes into effect September 2022, led to the insertion of the following paragraph in article…

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