Certificate Requirements

In order to be awarded the Dawson Centre for Peace Education Certificate in Peace Studies you will be required to fulfill the following criteria:


Each semester there will be a variety of courses that are offered either through the General Education courses or in specific programs that are considered to be cross listed for credit in the Peace Studies Certificate.  For a list of the courses this semester you can enroll in please see the Online TimeTable in you Omnivox Portal or click here 


Each semester the Peace Centre will host several meetings for students to attend. Over the course of your certificate you must attend one (1) “Peace 101” workshop and at least two (2) Peace Studies Certificate “Community of Practice” discussion groups. These meetings will be largely informal, but will provide students and faculty to come together as a community to work on future projects, activities, share experiences and get to know each other better. Students will be invited via MIO.




Create & submit an artistic work on a relevant subject to an exhibition, publication or public performance This will be determined by the Administrative Coordinator dependent on the type of work & length of time it took to produce (1 – 3 credits)
Attending a lecture on a relevant topic (1+ hour) 1 credit
Meditation ½ hour .25 credit
Volunteering in the 3 Sisters Garden Peace Garden or Rooftop Gardens (2 hours) 1 credit
Attending a relevant workshop, or a panel discussion, or Model UN session (1+ hours) 1 credits
Actively participating in a relevant workshop, panel discussion, round table or Model UN session (3-6 hours)

3 credits

Please consult the Administrative coordinator to determine the precise credit you will receive

Attend a full day relevant conference, at least 3 panels (6 hours) 3 credits

Volunteer at a relevant community organization

2 hours

4 hours

6 hours

1 credit

2 credits

3 credits

Help to organize a relevant activity  (4 hours) 2 credits
Help to organize and run a relevant an activity( 6 hours) 3 credits


  • All projects require a faculty OR staff supervisor
  • Students organizing a peace project can be provided with funding, and potentially human resources as well depending on the nature and needs of the project.
    • In-class projects can be counted, as well as group projects.
    • All projects must first be approved in writing with the Certificate Coordinator.
  • All credited activities can be enrolled in through the Dawson Intranet system

Last Modified: February 14, 2023