Course List

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Aikido109102MQ12Abbott, Mark
Economic Geography320201DW1Frias, Gisela
Western Civilization330101DW17Steffen, Lisa
Tolstoy's War and Peace330325DW18001Duckett, Michael
Tolstoy's War and Peace330BXS0318001Duckett, Michael
Greco-Roman Tradition332115DW2Wasser, Michael
Knowledge345101MQ51Goldsmith, Daniel
Imaging Violence and Nonviolence345102MQ4Romano, Patricia
Tolstoy's War and Peace345BXHDW18001Miles, Gray
General Psychology350101DW28Doyle, Melanie
Interaction and Communication350302DW1Chochol, Caroline
Leisure Behaviour350983DW1Finch, Susan
Imaging Violence and Nonviolence365BWPDW4Simard, Kim
Introduction to World Religions370102DW5Rabbat, Johanne
Introduction to Religion Studies370BWS035Rabbat, Johanne
Introduction to Politics385101DW4Gill, Donal
Social Deviance387311DW1Berry, Donald Shawn
Food and the Environment387401DW1Aunio, Anna-Liisa
Communication Skills in Social Service Practice388114DW3Spinner, David
Addressing Social Problems I388115DW3Fontes, Graça
Social Welfare and Legislation388116DW2Murphy, Patricia
The Power of Non-Violent Communication388BWSDW1Barrett, Rosemary
The Role of Alcohol in Society388BXSDW1Watkins, Shirley
Techniques of Communication for the Recreation Professional391121DW2Falquero, Lara
Environmental Leadership Experience391302DW2Cartier, Sarah
Group Leadership : Theory and Practice 2391311DW3Cartier, Sarah
Photography: The Art and Influence520BWA031McIntyre, Maureen
Introduction à la littérature contemporaine602103MQ10Ephrem El Boustani-Safi, Leila

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