Courses Offered – Winter 2024

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Indigenous Canada300308DW24Duckett, Michael
Victuals300308DW30Chochol, Caroline
Victuals300308DW31Chochol, Caroline
Global Issues and Social Movements300308DW43Shea, Diane
Global Issues and Social Movements300308DW44Shea, Diane
Qualitative Methods300QL1DW5Steffen, Lisa
Qualitative Methods300QL1DW6Steffen, Lisa
The Family330325DW1Rebelo, Nancy
The Family330325DW2Rebelo, Nancy
Colonization and Decolonization330A03DW1Shea, Diane
Modern Philosophy340912DW1Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Modern Philosophy340912DW2Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosophy, Mythology and Art340913DW1Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosophy, Mythology and Art340913DW2Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
States of Nature345101MQ3Mehreen, Rushdia
Art: Interpreting the Past and the Present345101MQ11D'Antoni, Leanne
Art: Interpreting the Past and the Presesent345101MQ12D'Antoni, Leanne
Justice, Development and Change345102MQ1Harris, Erica
Violence and Nonviolence345102MQ3Romano, Patricia
An Introduction to Ideologies345102MQ7Magal, Oran
An Introduction to Ideologies345102MQ9Harris, Erica
Enlightened Consciousness345102MQ10Goldsmith, Daniel
Justice 2 (Journeys)345102MQ12Choksi, Anjali
Enlightened Consciousness345102MQ16Goldsmith, Daniel
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ17Miles, Gray
Enlightened Consciousness345102MQ18Goldsmith, Daniel
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ19Miles, Gray
Justice345102MQ23Law, Alexandra
Violence and Nonviolence345102MQ31Romano, Patricia
An Introduction to Ideologies345102MQ33Harris, Erica
Worldviews with New School345102MQ14001Legassic, Cory
Worldviews with New School345102MQ14002Legassic, Cory
The Universe on Your Plate345BXHDW19Goldsmith, Daniel
From Cruelty to Forgiveness345BXHDW26Romano, Patricia
Buddhist Ethics345BXHDW28Nemeth, Julian
Buddhist Ethics345BXHDW43Nemeth, Julian
General Psychology350101DW9Finch, Susan
General Psychology350101DW12Finch, Susan
General Psychology350101DW18Finch, Susan
Introduction to Psychology3501N1DW9Finch, Susan
Introduction to Psychology3501N1DW12Finch, Susan
Introduction to Psychology3501N1DW18Finch, Susan
Communication & Interpersonal Interaction3509P1DW1Finch, Susan
Integrative Seminar for Liberal Arts360199DW1Sing, Beverly
Peace 365365BWPDW3Freud, Ivan
S.P.A.C.E.: Make Things That Matter365BXPDW2Trudeau, Joel
Introduction to World Religions370102DW1Freud, Ivan
Introduction to World Religions370102DW2Freud, Ivan
Introduction to World Religions370102DW3Kepka, Natalie
Introduction to World Religions370102DW4Kepka, Natalie
Introduction to World Religions370102DW5Kepka, Natalie
Sacred Writings370121DW1Miceli, Calogero
Religions of the World3701N1DW1Freud, Ivan
Religions of the World3701N1DW2Freud, Ivan
Religions of the World3701N1DW3Kepka, Natalie
Religions of the World3701N1DW4Kepka, Natalie
Religions of the World3701N1DW5Kepka, Natalie
Religion and Popular Culture370215DW1Zylberberg, Sonia
Cults and Culture370917DW1Rabbat, Johanne
Cults and Culture370917DW2Zylberberg, Sonia
Eastern Paths to Enlightenment370BXS031Freud, Ivan
The Anthropology of Food381313DW1De Aguayo, Anna
Introduction to Politics385101DW2Gordon, Vanessa
Introduction to Politics385101DW3Gordon, Vanessa
Introduction to Politics385101DW4Gordon, Vanessa
Introduction to Political Science3851N1DW2Gordon, Vanessa
Introduction to Political Science3851N1DW3Gordon, Vanessa
Introduction to Political Science3851N1DW4Gordon, Vanessa
Fieldwork 1391123DW1Falquero, Lara
Fieldwork 2391128DW1Falquero, Lara
Organization and Management of Recreation Programs391184DW1Taylor, Myka
Creativity391201DW1Resurreccion, Debbie
Creativity391201DW2Resurreccion, Debbie
Group Leadership : Theory and Practice 1391210DW1Taylor, Myka
Group Leadership : Theory and Practice 1391210DW2Taylor, Myka
Writing Lab530313DW1Rafla, Myriam
Interactive Arts: Local to Global585917DW1Marin Dubuard, Bérengère
Tangible Media: Making Things Interactive585923DW1Connolly, John
Langue française et culture602102MQ5Audy, Lysanne
Langue française et culture602102MQ7Audy, Lysanne
Oeuvres narratives et écriture602UF0MQ13Maazouzi, Djemaa
Oeuvres narratives et écriture602UF0MQ23Maazouzi, Djemaa
Liberal Arts Poetry603102MQ21Elmslie, Susan
The Postcard Poem603102MQ51Burgoyne, Sarah
Remember the Humans? Posthumanism in Literature603103MQ18Million, Rebecca
Remember the Humans? Posthumanism in Literature603103MQ19Million, Rebecca
The Storytelling Animal603BXEDW36Strudensky, Andrea Lynn
The Storytelling Animal603BXEDW41Strudensky, Andrea Lynn

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