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Peace 365

How can we practice peace 365 days a year? What are the different avenues to peace? What did the great leaders of peace say about positive and affirmative actions? What are the different cultural and historical perspective on peace?

These questions–and much much more–are discussed in Peace 365!

An interdisciplinary course that was developed as part of the Learning Communities Initiative, Peace 365 is an interdisciplinary course that meets once a month. Featuring our very own Dawson teachers, Peace 365 is created to foster dialogue between students, faculty, and staff, focused on 3 themes: Peace and Self, Peace and Other, Peace and Nature.

This page contains the resources, including reading materials and YouTube videos, to supplement the panel talks.

For more information on Peace 365, please contact Ivan Freud (Chair, Department of Religious Studies): ifreud@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

PEACE 365 PANELS, Winter 2021

Peace and Self

Panel Discussion

Peace and Other

Panel Discussion

Peace and Nature

Panel Discussion

PEACE 365 PANELS, 2020

Peace and Self

PEACE 365 PANELS, 2019

Peace and Self


Speaker Amhad Banki uses the following article as the basis to discuss his topic: Lane, Robert. Does Money Buy Happiness. Public Interest, Fall 113, pp 56-65. Please click here for library link to article.

Speaker Daniel Goldsmith utilizes the following article as the basis to discuss his topic: de Botton, Alain.(2000) “Consolation for Unpopularity”. The Consolations of Philosophy. Hamish Hamilton Publishing, pp 5-12.

To find this at the Dawson library please use the following information:

General Collection BJ1595.5 .D43 2001

Speaker Selma Hamdani uses the following reading as the basis to discuss her topic: Christie, D.J. (2011).  Peace Psychology: Definitions, Scope, and Impact. The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology, Wiley Online Library, pp 1-5.

For the full article click here.

Peace and Other

Donna Varrica uses this video as the basis of her discussion. Please click here to view.

Vanessa Gordon uses this reading as the basis of her discussion: McLoughlin, P.J. John. (2010) Preface. Hume and the revision of Irish nationalism. Manchester University Press. pp. xiii-xxi

Please click here for library access link.

Diana Rice uses this reading as the basis of her discussion: Waldron, I.R.G. (2018). The Road Up Ahead. There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities. Fernwood Publishing, pp. 128-140.


For access to this book please see the information below:

General Collection HC120 .E5 W34

Peace 365 Student Reflections

Peace and Self

“The 4 Noble Truths” in Buddhism
A reflection by Anaïs Ouimet & Cynthia Patrick

“Positive Affirmations and Manifestation”
by Guenièvre and Atina

by Biancia Jones

“Peace in Times of Violence”
by Panthea Aghevli

“Inner Peace”
by Jiajun Cheng and Siying Cheng

Student Work
If you have a piece that you have done that you want to submit and have displayed on our page, please contact Ivan Freud (ifreud@dawsoncollege.qc.ca)

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