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Please note that this program is being updated. Check this page in Fall 2022 for the most up-to-date information.

Social Science Program Coordinator
Cynthia J. Martin
Office: 5D.16-1
Local: 4157

The Social Science Program at Dawson College provides an amazing opportunity for you to explore many disciplines and establish life-long friendships with other students as you journey together through the program. Dawson College’s largest program has more than 150 passionate teachers who are experts in their disciplines. Many are active researchers and share their latest insights in class. Dawson has the broadest offering of courses in Social Sciences including less common subjects at CEGEP, such as Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology and Classics. There are nine profiles to choose from that allow you to focus on a particular area of interest. You can further enhance your learning by choosing to complete a certificate in Peace Studies, Hellenic Studies, Women’s/Gender Studies and our newly launched Decolonization and Indigenization Studies. In early February, we celebrate Social Science Week at Dawson with five days devoted to special events.

Social Science profiles

Child Studies

Focusing on the role of children in family and society, this profile is a great path for those interested in entering the field of Education at university.


The Commerce Profile will allow you to explore the foundations of business, take mathematics courses and participate in teamwork. This is great preparation for further studies in commerce at the university level.

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Profile will give you a deeper understanding of environmental issues from a Social Science perspective.

General Social Science

General Social Science gives you the opportunity to explore and discover various disciplines at CEGEP before committing to more focused studies at university.

International Business Studies

This profile grounds your exploration of the Social Sciences in the fields of business and globalization. It also gives you the mathematics classes you need to pursue studies in Business and Commerce at the university level.

Law, Society and Justice

In a small community of enthusiastic students interested in pursuing careers in law and public service, you will explore the relationship between law and society.

North-South Studies

This profile, which includes a three-week trip to a community in the Global South, will give you an overview of Social Science disciplines related to international development.


In the Psychology Profile, you will learn about the human mind and behaviour through courses, guest lectures and laboratory studies.

Travel and Tourism Studies

Understand the human dimensions of travel, including immigration, global markets, travel industries, and the diversity of our global populations in the Travel and Tourism Studies Profile.

Last Modified: August 29, 2022