Required Documentation

Students wishing to register with the SAAC to receive reasonable accommodations should provide the SAAC with a medical document or a psycho-educational evaluation issued by an authorized Quebec-licensed professional.  Authorized professionals can include:

  • a physician (medical)
  • a psychologist or neuro-psychologist
  • a speech therapist
  • an optometrist
  • an audiologist
  • a guidance counsellor holding the appropriate training certificate issued by the professional order to which he or she belongs
  • a nurse with the experience and training required by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec

The document should contain a clearly stated diagnosis, as well as the name, signature and license number of the professional and the date of the evaluation.

The following documentation does not confirmed diagnosis:

  • An Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Documents containing the following statements: compatible with, appears to, symptoms of, hypothesis of, presents itself as, seems to be, resembles, or any other non-specific statement.
  • Reference to another document containing a diagnosis.
ImportantStudents who do not have the appropriate documentation as listed above, but think they may qualify for accommodations, should still complete our online pre-intake form in order to meet with one of our Adapted Services Counsellor.

Our Adapted Services Counsellors are unable to formally diagnose students.

Last Modified: January 18, 2023