Admission Requirements

  • A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES
  • Sec IV Mathematics – Technical & Scientific option or Science option 564-426 or 565-426 or Sec V Cultural, Social & Technical option 563-504
  • Sec V Chemistry 551-504
  • Sec V Physics 553-504
  • Interview
  • Placement at College English 101 and Basic French 100 (testing may be required)

Additional Information


  • Candidates will be notified by email of the details of the interview process.
  • Candidates may be asked to complete a pre-interview written exercise, which will be reviewed at the time of the interview and may contribute to the overall assessment of the candidate. An information sheet will be emailed to candidates who have been selected for an interview.
  • Candidates should inform themselves about the profession and be prepared to show that they possess the skills, personal attributes and abilities to succeed in the program and as medical technologists.
  • A letter of intent is very beneficial.

Other Considerations

  • The program has put together a list of Recommendations for applicants
  • Candidates who have completed the pre-requisite courses within the last 5 years will be given preference for the interview phase of the admission process. If you have not taken any Science or Math courses (secondary or post-secondary level) in the last 5 years, or if your education was completed outside of Canada, we strongly recommend that you take refresher courses through Continuing Education or you may be asked to take pre-admission tests to ensure that you have adequate pre-requisite knowledge.
  • Candidates who were not selected for admission and choose to reapply must demonstrate some improvement in order to be considered for another interview. After three unsuccessful attempts, candidates will be considered for an interview only after all other applications have been considered and space remains available in the program.
  • In addition to regular student fees, student membership in the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and l’Ordre professionnel des technologistes médicaux du Québec (OPTMQ) is approximately $200 for both. The fee to write the National General Certification exam of the CSMLS upon completion of the program is $985 as of November 2022.
  • Hospitals are required to perform a criminal background verification for employment purposes. Some hospitals also extend this to include students who intern in their facility. Students who do not have a clear criminal record check at the beginning of the clinical component of the Program will not be able to complete the clinical component and will therefore not be able to graduate.
  • The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Department of Public Health have determined that: “all students within career programs involving clinical fieldwork, where there is a risk of exposure to blood or bodily fluids need to be properly immunized against certain infectious diseases for their own protection as well as that of their clients”. Therefore, students in the Biomedical Laboratory Technology Program are required to update their immunizations.

Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: November 9, 2023