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OPTMQ quality assurance document

The Quality Assurance Document is an English translation of the second edition of the rules of practice with regard to quality in biomedical laboratories from OPTMQ. Its aim is to collect the information currently available in order to reinforce quality and safety criteria as they apply to testing conducted in biomedical laboratories. These requirements are drawn from standards enacted by bodies recognized by the scientific community on a provincial, national, and international level.

Quality Assurance Document

Help with the OQLF exam

French language skills are essential for all health care professionals. Medical technologists who did not complete their secondary studies in Quebec must pass a French language test with the Office de la langue française to become a member of the professional order and to be eligible to work in the province of Quebec as a medical technologist.
The Centre for Training and Development offers an online tutorial course to help health care professionals prepare for this exam. This course is open to all health care professionals, including medical technologists, who need to pass the exam in order to continue working.

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Last Modified: October 19, 2021