Program Coordinator of Enriched Science
Chris Whittaker
Office: 7A.24
Local: 4023

The Enriched Science profile is evolving

Enriched Science has a rich history of providing students with opportunities to excel in their pre-university science studies. Our graduates are among the very strongest students applying to universities. They:

  • Are regularly accepted into Med-P and Law at McGill and they have been successful in applying to prestigious schools like the University of Toronto, Cornell, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, and more;
  • Have R-scores that are significantly higher than the norm (see R-Score Information on the side tab);
  • Have won awards such as the Rhodes Scholarship and scholarships to Cornell, Harvard, and more.

The impressive success of Enriched Science graduates is a credit to strong students in an exceptional program that enhances the opportunities for learning. The kinds of learning opportunities that strong students are looking for are changing, so we’re adapting to meet this new reality.


Enriched Sciencewill continue to be a place for academically strong students. Successful applicants still need to meet higher academic standards, but as of fall 2016, students will apply to the profile in either Pure & Applied Science or Health Science instead of being invited. By making this change we will enhance the primary benefit of Enriched Science, which is the engagement and commitment of the students in this elite profile. Students who are not accepted to Enriched Science will automatically be considered for the regular stream.

To qualify for the Enriched Science Profile students need an 80% overall average from high school at the time of application, as well as 85% or higher in two of three science prerequisites and 80%-84% in the third.

Why Enriched Science?

The benefits of being in Enriched Science are many. Students:

  • Engage in an enriched curriculum and intellectually stimulating milieu that includes interactive weekly seminars given by invited speakers from academia and industry;
  • Are a part of a learning community that fosters friendship and collaboration in learning by having common schedules;
  • Benefit from a program that facilitates extra-curricular learning opportunities such as:
    • Conducting original research with faculty;
    • Engaging in activities such as the Science Participating in Arts and Culture in Education (SPACE) initiative that are integrated into seminars and curriculum;
    • Going on field trips such as the McGill Mini-museum lectures as well as visits to world-class research and development facilities in Montreal, Ottawa, Boston and beyond;
    • Publishing in Dawson’s own peer-review journal DR JES and communicating science through venues such as Science Fest.
  • Are supported by a dedicated profile coordinator who organizes events, provides help with scheduling and registration, and works with teachers to promote enhanced learning opportunities within the standardized curriculum of the Program.

Difference between Enriched Science and Regular Science

Importantly, Enriched Science students are not disadvantaged in any way for being a part of a group of exceptional students. Enriched Science students write common final exams with all regular students and their R-scores are calculated in relation to the entire body of students in the Science Program. The only difference between a strong student in the regular Science Program and a strong student in Enriched Science are the enhanced opportunities to learn more while in a stimulating environment.

Last Modified: June 2, 2020