Do I get penalized compared to regular students?

No.  The “R-Score” (cote-R, used by the Universities to select candidates for admission) is calculated comparing your grades to the average of all science students, including regular science.  Since the laboratory work and the final exams (which form the majority of the course mark) are common with regular science, grades in Enriched Science are usually quite high, in comparison.

Is Enriched Science (Formerly First Choice Science) “harder” than regular science?

As some topics can be covered differently in class through discussion and based on students’ interest, class tests can be slightly more challenging compared to regular sections. It is understood that Enriched Science students seek a greater depth of understanding and are stimulated by the challenge. However, there is nothing overwhelming in class tests, and final exams, generally worth a high percentage of the final mark, are all common with regular classes to ensure equity and prevent placing and Enriched Science student at a disadvantage.

Is there more work in Enriched Science?

Enriched Science students are required to participate in seminars, and encouraged to engage in competitions and other activities, but it is left to individuals to decide how far they are willing to go.  Enriched Science students are expected to be serious about their studies, and such behavior is valued and recognized.

Do Universities recognize Enriched Science?

Enriched Science  is treated the same way as regular science by Universities.  This is why, to calculate the R-Score, your grade would be compared to the average of all science students.  This is also why we hold common final exams.  However, when applying for scholarships or when writing a CV, being in Enriched Science can play a significant role as the profile is known and appreciated by various universities.

If Universities do not differentiate, why choose Enriched Science?

University studies are more difficult and demanding than college. Enriched Science provides a solid preparation for the rigors of the academic life, ensuring a smoother transition for its students.

What are the marks I need to remain in Enriched Science?

In each semester students must pass all their courses, have a minimum of 70% in each science, mathematics, and general education courses, and at least a 75% average of all science and mathematics courses.

Last Modified: September 24, 2018