Seminar Series

Past speakers

“Putting food on the table: Environmental consequences of the global food system”
Navin Ramankutty, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, McGill University.

“Millennium Ecosystem Assessment”
Elena Bennett, Associate Professor, McGill School of Environment & Department of Natural Resource Sciences.

“Breathing polluted air causes cardiovascular disease”
Mark Goldberg, Professor, Department of Medicine, McGill University.

“Extinction debt, habitat loss and the importance of deadwood in boreal forests”
Timothy Work, Professor, Department of Biology, UQAM.

“Human-Wildlife Interactions in the Bénoué Wildlife Conservation Area, northern Cameroon”
Robert Weladji, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Concordia University.

“From pollinators to disease vectors – how have insects faired in this changing world?”
Simon P. Daoust, PhD, Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale, Université de Montréal.

“Quebec Forests” Nicolas Mainville, MSc. Greenpeace.

“Understanding Food Security – A Road Trip to Deconstruct Dinner”
Geneva Guerin (sustainability consultant and documentary filmmaker) and Jean Marc Abela (documentary filmmaker).

“DNA barcoding parasites in fish and frogs in the St. Lawrence River”
Sean Locke, PhD; St. Lawrence Centre, Environment Canada.

“Most important public environmental health issues facing Montrealers”
Norman King, Director, Montreal Public Health Department.

“Local Politics and the Greening of the Inner City: Policies, Accomplishments and Reflections”
Helen Fotopoulos, Past Mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal Borough.

“Tar Sands: Issues for the climate and for the community”
Gitz Crazyboy; First Nation’s speaker from Dene community near Fort McMurray (ground zero of the Tar Sands extraction).

“Student presentations”
Dawson College students discuss their experiences of the various field trips they participated in (examples: Costa Rica, Waskaganish, Mexico)

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