Chinese (Mandarin)

Levels 1 & 2

Have you ever wondered how over one billion people communicate through pictures instead of letters? Mandarin Chinese has rapidly become the third most spoken language in Canada. Speaking Chinese is the key to open the door to a nation which has 5000 years of history and the most prosperous economy in the current world. This is your opportunity to learn the new global language!

Raphael Regis-Belhumeur took a Chinese level 1 class in the Department of Modern Languages in 2015. Due to his great passion for learning Mandarin, he then went to Heilongjiang University in China to continue his studies. Currently, he can speak and write Mandarin Chinese fluently. In this video clip, he was interviewed by Nanjing News in order to discuss how modern technology has made life more convenient for all people. We would like to congratulate Raphael on his advanced studies of the Chinese language and wish him tremendous continued success in his studies. Please contact the Department of Modern Languages if you would like to receive more information on learning Mandarin Chinese at Dawson College.


Last Modified: April 10, 2018