“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.” –Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

Malaga Spanish Language Trip – May 2019

The Modern Languages Department is organizing an exciting and enriching trip to Spain in May 2019

This two-week trip will be an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, discover its fabulous places, people and food, and practice the Spanish that you have been learning in your classes!

Students will travel to Malaga, a city on Spain’s Mediterranean coast that has been declared a European “cultural capital.” During their two weeks in Malaga, they will live with host Spanish families, take language courses at the internationally-recognized Malaca Institute, get “real-life” experience speaking Spanish in a work setting, and travel to several renowned centers of historic (Moorish) Spain.

Part of your itinerary & activities will include:

  • Orientation and tour of downtown Malaga;
  • Guided visits and excursions to historical and cultural sites and regions (Sevilla, the Alhambra, a typical Andalusian shipyard, Picasso Museum, etc.);
  • Internship experience in bookshops, hotels, car and bike rental outlets, etc.
  • Daily Spanish conversation classes at the Malaca Institute.
  • Cooking lessons, flamenco dance show, tapas evening and more…

For more information contact Maria-Elena Grijalva at


A Short Film Detailing The Malaga Travel Internship Of May 2019

German Annual Exchange

Credit: Oleksandr Prykodko

Are you ready for an exciting German adventure? If so, keep on reading…

Dawson students enrolled in German courses may take part in the German section’s annual exchange to Germany.

In collaboration with our German partner schools in Freiburg, we offer our students the opportunity to welcome a young German partner at home for two weeks in the fall and then visit the partner at his or her home in Freiburg for two weeks the following spring.

In Germany, our students, together with teachers from both Montréal and Freiburg, will discover the lovely city of Freiburg, located in the Black Forest. In addition to German language courses offered in the morning, our students will experience daily life in Germany at their partner’s home. From Freiburg, we will go on day trips to nearby Basel (Switzerland) and Strasbourg (France). After our two-week stay in Freiburg, our group will then head to Berlin, to spend four days in Germany’s exciting capital.

The cost per student is $1700 (for the 2017-2018 exchange; cost may vary). In the past, the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur du Québec has always supported our students financially with generous grants.

For more details, please communicate with:

Sebastian Doderlein or Nathalie Lachance

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Last Modified: August 22, 2019