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Peace Week 2021

The 6th Annual Peace Week starts September 13th running until September 22nd. Events will range from in-person in the Dawson College urban gardens to virtual, hybrid speakers, and workshops focused on the theme of Legacies and Futures.

How do we look at our legacy, political, social, legal, educational? What does it say about who we are today? What does it mean for tomorrow? Can we shape a future without looking to the legacy of what has come before us? How do we teach about justice without looking at it’s lack in our institutions?

Significant social movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #ClimateJustice, and #IdleNoMore show us that we cannot move forward without a reckoning of our past, reconciling that legacy with where we are today, and how we move forward in light of our legacy. Past, present, and future depend on bringing together Legacies & Futures. Come and explore these ideas with our speakers, professional development workshops & in-person on campus activities.

Full schedule of events & how to register : CLICK HERE

Last Modified: August 31, 2021