General FAQ

When reviewing my application, which grades are looked at?

Dawson evaluates applications based on:

  • overall average of Secondary IV final grades;
  • overall average of secondary V mid-terms;
  • mid term secondary V grades for pre-requisite courses.

We send offers of admissions to the strongest applicants until our programs are full.
Please note that admission is always conditional on the student obtaining their Secondary V diploma, including their pre-requisite courses.

What is the difference between Health Science,
Pure & Applied Science, and Environmental Science?

All science students, regardless of profile, take the same 9 compulsory courses and the same General Education courses.

The differences come in the sequence of courses and in the number of option courses that can be chosen.

Regardless of profile or stream, successful completion of a DEC in the Science Program at Dawson makes you eligible for ANY university science program.

What if I did my schooling in French?

Many Dawson Science students come from French schools and their success rates are no less than those from English schools.

We have many services available to assist francophone students, including an excellent Academic Skills Centre, which has programs to help students improve their speaking, reading and writing of English.

What grades do I need to get into Science at Dawson?

Dawson Science is a highly sought after program and we receive many more applications than we have places available. We send offers of admission to the strongest applicants so the incoming overall average changes from year-to-year. In recent years our program filled up by the time we considered applicants with averages in the low 80’s .

Why should I choose DAWSON SCIENCE?

Excellent Facilities

Renovated Chemistry & Physics + innovative Active Learning Classrooms.

Excellent Faculty

Innovative, passionate about science, experts in their fields

Excellent Support Services

Great Academic Advisors, Academic Skills Centre, Student Services…

High-achieving Student Peers

Students accepted into Dawson Science are among the strongest students in Quebec.

Diversity, Support & Opportunities

  • Tons of Science option courses to choose from.
  • Academic skills support; financial aid, scholarships & bursaries; health services; Academic Advisors; AccessAbility Centre and more.
  • Activities, clubs, competitive and recreational sports…

University-like Environment:

Dawson offers a university-like environment that is an ideal stepping stone to success at universities in Montreal and across North America.

Our large, diverse, downtown campus gives you a university-like experience with the friendly support to make it smooth transition from high school.

Enriched Science

This profile provides an enriched learning environment:

  • Weekly seminars by leading scientists and academics from local universities;
  • Exceptionally strong student peers and faculty;
  • Expanded learning opportunities in the classroom;
  • A profile coordinator to help build a closer sense of community and to support students with academics and scheduling.

Importantly, the R-score for Enriched Science students is calculated in the same way as for regular students and final exams are identical. THERE IS NO DISADVANTAGE FOR ENRICHED STUDENTS WHEN IT COMES TO R-SCORES OR GRADES.

How do I get into Enriched Science?

Enriched Science will continue to be a place for academically strong students. Successful applicants still need to meet higher academic standards, but as of fall 2016, students will apply to the profile in either Pure & Applied Science or Health Science instead of being invited. By making this change we will enhance the primary benefit of Enriched Science, which is the engagement and commitment of the students in this elite profile. Students who are not accepted to Enriched Science will automatically be considered for the regular stream.

To qualify for the Enriched Science Profile students need an 80% overall average from high school at the time of application, as well as 85% or higher in two of three science prerequisites and 80%-84% in the third.

Will I get a better R-score by choosing regular Science over Enriched Science?

No. The R-score at Dawson is calculated by comparing all students in the Science Program – Regular and Enriched. Regardless of profile, your grades are compared to all students taking a course in a given semester.

Will I get a better R-score at another cegep?

No. The cegep where you study is not at all considered in your R-score .

Will I get lower grades in Enriched Science?

No. The exams for all students (Enriched and Regular) are common. Class tests are specific to each section but departments and teachers work very hard to ensure equity across all sections. A 95% in a regular section is worth an 95% in an Enriched Science section.

Explorations and Developmental Science

The Science Program has two programs to help students get in to the Science Program:

  • Explorations Science Program (ESP):This program helps student who don’t have the proper pre-requisites for the Science Program. Students complete the pre-requisites at Dawson then enter the Science Program.
  • Developmental Science Program (DSP): This program helps students who are weak in one or more science disciplines. Students re-do high school science courses at Dawson then enter the Science Program.

What if I am missing a course or have low grades?

If you are missing (but not failing) one, two or all three pre-requisite courses, you may consider applying to EXPLORATIONS SCIENCE, which allows you to take these courses at Dawson.

If you are passing all three pre-requisites but your grades are below 70%, you may wish to apply to DEVELOPMENTAL SCIENCE, where you can re-do the course(s) in which your grade is weak.

Environmental Science

This profile provides a curriculum that is focused on environmental science and ecology.

  • Its emphasis on ecology-related aspects of science and its incorporation of hands-on field-based lab exercises allow students to explore ecological topics in and outside of the classroom during dynamic field trips.
  • This profile appeals to those students who have a keen interest in science, in the workings of the environment, and a love of the outdoors!

Importantly, students who graduate from the Environmental Program are qualified for ANY science program at university. Environmental graduates can apply to medicine, engineering and much more.

Does graduating from Environmental Science limit my choices to University Science Programs?

No! Just as with the Health Science and Pure & Applied Science profiles, students graduating from the Environmental Science profile are equipped with all the knowledge and prerequisites necessary to enter any science-related field in university, including medicine.

What sets the Environmental Science profile apart from the other 2 Science Profiles?

  • Students spend their two-year program as part of a specific cohort (approximately 30-40 students) which provides them with a sense of belonging and community.
  • Environmental students have the exclusive opportunity of participating in an exciting exploration of tropical ecology in the context of a fully organized science-based 2-week field trip in Costa Rica during the January winter break.

Last Modified: September 19, 2019