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Linda Rutenberg

Fine art photographer, teacher, mentor
Linda Rutenberg

Fine art photographer, teacher, mentor and passionate woman.

I have been an entrepreneurial photographer, creating books and exhibitions, lecturing and teaching workshops for the last thirty years. Last year, I was invited to act as incubator manager and teach in the new and exciting program here at Dawson called Venture Creation in the Creative and Cultural Industries.

It has been amazing. I get to share my experiences, ideas and enthusiasm to help creative people build ventures from their art. I believe there is a huge need for this. Passion and enthusiasm are essential ingredients, but even more so are getting clear on your project, revealing your artistic process and using storytelling that engages and excites the public – your future clients.

In addition to my many years sustaining my practice by marketing selling and promoting my work, I also have learned how to support my projects with a successful crowdfunding campaign. I have published eleven books and regularly lecture about my projects.

I hope to inspire you to find your way as a successful creative.

Last Modified: October 3, 2017