Eweek Bio

Stephanie Dugré

Founder & Designer
Ella Dugré

Montreal designer Stephanie Dugré is the Founder & Designer of Ella Dugré, a Montreal based custom jewelry brand founded in 2013. Ella Dugre is about allowing women & men around the globe to feel current, stylish and unique through its timeless pieces. The brand has been inspired by the designer’s love for travel and everything beautiful & classic. All her pieces are made of genuine quality stones, beads, crystals, and findings. She acquires many of her stones from all different parts of the world when she travels; Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Asia to name a few. Every piece she brings back represents an adventure, a story, a wanderlust element. ED is known for its signature sparkle bead, which allows for a sophisticated trendy everyday look.

She wants to make her mark through her Blue & White Collection, her first collection and now her Permanent Collection. It was inspired by the designers’ fascination with Blue & White Home Decor, which she always found extremely beautiful and always wondered what it would look like on a woman. She was equally inspired by the beautiful architecture in OIA, Greece where you can daze at the Blue & White houses in the distance all day long.


Last Modified: October 25, 2018